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Stephen Stills Manassas – A Hot Buffalo & Byrd Burrito

Stephen Stills Manassas – A Hot Buffalo & Byrd Burrito

Vague Records 026 / 027 (Unknown country – 2002)

Stephen Stills - guitar, piano, vocals
Chris Hillman - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Al Perkins - pedal steel, vocals
Paul Harris – keyboards, vocals
Joe Lala - percussion, vocals
Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels - bass
Dallas Taylor – drums

Disc 1 - All Tracks: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam - March 22, 1972
Disc 2 - Tracks 1-9: Hollywood Bowl, California - May 23, 1972, Tracks 10-12: BBC 1973

Disc 1

1. Rock & Roll Woman (4:56)
2. Bound To Fall (2:35)
3. Hot Burrito #2 (4:39)
4. It Doesn't Matter (2:44)
5. Fallen Eagle (2:20)
6. Hide It So Deep (2:57)
7. 4+20 (2:14)
8. Blues Man (4:00)
9. Word Game (2:59)
10. Do For The Others (2:53)
11. Both Of Us (2:52)
12. Don't Look At My Shadow (2:24)
13. Sugar Babe (4:49)
14. The Treasure (8:36)

Disc 2

1. Carry On (4:33)
2. Know You Got To Run (5:25)
3. Word Game (3:35)
4. Do You Remember The Americans (2:35)
5. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star (2:50)
6. Go Back Home (4:59)
7. Pensamiento (2:05)
8. 49 Bye Bye's (6:32)
9. For What It's Worth (1:08)
10. Fallen Eagle (1:52)
11. You're Still On My Mind (2:07)
12. Both Of Us (2:02)

Artwork Included (front, back, CDs)


Rocking--Byrd said...

Edwin Deas said...


Manassas were amazingly eclectic. They didn't last long. I guess Stills' ego was just too much because the others seemed to gel well. Not sure about Lala.

The Hollywood Bowl gig is new to me. I will enjoy.

Steve said...

I've just gotten around to listening to this concert, and although I'm about to finish Disc 1 I can say that I've been pleasantly surprised. It's good, and I'm surprised (not pleasantly) that more downloaders here haven't commented on it. This band was, as noted in the comment above, rather short-lived. I remember hearing a few tracks on the radio when the first album came out, and they were mostly Chris Hillman songs (It Doesn't Matter got a lot of airplay at the time). I thought Buffalo Springfield was an excellent group, and owned their second album. The Byrds at that time were my favorite group, especially the originals. But the music here is not as eclectic as Edwin says, but rather a logical progression from the union of both Hillman and Stills. Stills was supposed to have had a colossal ego; I don't know about that but he did produce some fine music and because of that tended to dominate the groups he was in. On the first disc, he has three solos without the rest of the band, but they're good solos. Chris was coming into his own as a singer and songwriter at this time and Stills gave him a prominent role in this band. I don't mention the others but musically the group was very tight and could play a variety of styles. It doesn't sound at all like a Stephen Stills ego trip but rather like a new group very much in tune with the times without adding anything groundbreaking. Thanks for this upload, R--B, and all the others who download music from this site, can't you say anything else except thanks? The guy spends a lot of time providing a variety of interesting things for Byrd lovers and all we usually get is Wow, thanks. Surely the music deserves more comment than that.

dino said...

Manassas + Burritos: is it Christmas yet or what?
Thanks, man!

Dan said...

Wow, what a cool show! i'm digging 'The Treasure' one of my favourite Manassas tracks.. first time time i heard a live much more energy, and superb musicianship, and a fine testament to Dallas Taylors incredible drumming (RIP) - thanks, as always, for the share RB. And Steve.. always appreciate your reviews, the perfect accompaniment to these incredible musical documents, look forward to reading and hearing more as and when new material materialises. All the best, Dan.