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The Byrds – The Theory Of Flyght

The Byrds – The Theory Of Flyght

TV Broadcast – VARA Studios, Hilversum, Holland – 31 May 1971

An Aste - RISK-DISK ReKording For Whistling Oyster ProduKtions 1971

FYNE022 (country and year unknown)

Recorded May 19, 1971 – Broadcast May 31, 1971

Roger McGuinn (guitar, vocals)
Clarence White (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Gene Parsons (drums, harmonica, banjo, vocals)
Skip Battin (bass, vocals)

Although his name was spelled « Battyn » when he released solo singles prior to joining The Byrds, Skip was known as “Battin” while a member of the band. So his name is misspelled on the back of the sleeve (track 17).

Not available in stores

1. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (2:40)
2. Truck Stop Girl (3:22)
3. My Back Pages (2:45)
4. 04 Baby What You Want Me To Do (3:27)
5. Jamaica Say You Will (3:27)
6. Jesus Is Just Alright (2:57)
7. 07 Eight Miles High (7:07)
8. Mr. Tambourine Man (4:33)
9. Pretty Boy Floyd (2:39)
10. 10 Take A Whiff On Me (2:56)
11. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star (3:07)
12. Mr. Spaceman (2:59)
13. Roll Over Beethoven (2:39)
14. Hold It (1:33)
15. Gene Parsons Interview (5:02)
Clarence White Interview (4:22)
17. Skip Battin Interview (4:26)
18. Roger McGuinn Interview (3:39)

Artwork Included (front, back, inner sleeve, CD)


Rocking--Byrd said...


mouwie said...

Thanks a lot.Will be a nice listening in my truck tomorrow.

Edwin Deas said...

Thanks R-B.

david said...

Thanks, RB ! Sent you an email about a couple new shows I came across if you're interested.

Steve said...

Although this was not very different from the concerts of this era, the performances and sound quality are very good indeed. Given the amount of concerts they did during this period, it is noteworthy how enthusiastic this band sounds. A comment--McGuinn should have used the vocal talents of Gene Parsons more as a lead singer. He doesn't sing one song on the Byrdmaniax album, and his voice is surely better than either Clarence's or Skip's. The interviews are nice as well. Thanks for this upload, R--B.

Kevin Lockley said...

I've had this for years but not in such good quality !! Thank you so much !
Really good to hear them sound so good.By the way ,does anyone have the quadrophonic mix of Byrdmaniax as I understand it is a LOT different with Mcguinn's 12 string more prominent on things like I Wanna Grow up.On youtube
there is a backing track of My Destiny with only instruments and backing
vocals Regards Kevin

Rocking--Byrd said...

Kevin, I have the Byrdmaniax quadrophonic LP but I can only play it on my Dual stereo turntable, so I don't know if that's good enough for you.

Kevin Lockley said...

Hi Rocking Byrd,That is Brilliant ! As I understand it quad L.Ps sound different when played on ordinary decks,but as I've never heard it I can't say.But i would love to hear it. I've always thought Byrdmaniax to be really underrated if a bit quirky. Thanks for the reply.Best wishes and thanks kevin

Off the beaten track said...

Good on you bro. man I wish these guys would record together

dino said...

Unbelieveable indeed!
Thanks a billion!