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The Byrds – Rhode Island University 1971

The Byrds – Rhode Island University 1971

Keaney Gym, University Of Rhode Island – December 4, 1971

Left to right on the front picture:

Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Roger McGuinn, Skip Battin

Soundboard Recording

1. Lover Of The Bayou (3:38)
2. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (3:13)
3. Mr Spaceman (3:47)
4. Bugler (3:25)
5. I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician (2:34)
6. My Back Pages (2:44)
7. B.J. Blues (1:37)
8. Baby What You Want Me To Do (2:32)
9. Soldier's Joy - Black Mountain Rag (1:56)
10. Mr Tambourine Man (3:38)
11. Pretty Boy Floyd (3:02)
12. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms (2:37)
13. Tiffany Queen (2:24)
14. Chestnut Mare (5:29)
15. Jesus Is Just Alright (2:56)
16. Eight Miles High (14:26)
17. Hold It (1:26)
18. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (2:41)
19. Roll Over Beethoven (2:56)
20. Nashville West (3:46)
21. You Ain't Going Nowhere (3:07)
22. Chimes Of Freedom (3:56)

Artwork by Rocking-Byrd Included

Original audio file sequenced, balanced, levelled, and generally speaking “cleaned” by Rocking-Byrd.

Many thanks to David for his help and to BF for providing the original file.


Rocking--Byrd said...
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doc said...

Great job on the sound - thanks!

david said...

Thanks; your work is so much appreciated !

Kevin Lockley said...

Thank you so much! Even with a set
that sounds like the usual stuff,there are always brilliant differences such as Clarence's mandolin on Pretty Boy Floyd and the
unusual guitar work on Tiffany Queen,a different version of Bugler and Feel a Whole Lot Better.Keep up the great work RB and thanks again

dino said...

Downloading from your site is the best way to start the day!
Thank you Rockingbyrd

Bill Martin said...

Always great to find a nice version of Bugler. Your "finds" just keep getting better. All of it is so great. Each individual Byrd has so much talent, keep up the great work from America's greatest band and offshoots, Bill

Doug said...

One more repost request. Amazing that my computer chose to fry out the hard drive right when a trove of Byrds recordings were about to appear.

Needless to say, appreciate all you've done.

Rocking--Byrd said...
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Doug said...

Can't recall if I thanked you--if so, my thanks are now doubled!

Rocking--Byrd said...

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