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The Byrds – CW Post College, Greendale 1972

The Byrds – CW Post College, Greendale 1972

The Dome, CW Post College, Greendale, NY – September 28, 1972

Roger McGuinn (guitar, vocals)
Clarence White (guitar, vocals)
Skip Battin (bass, vocals)
John Guerin (drums)

Soundboard Recording

1. Bugler (3:08)
2. America's Great National Pastime (3:43)
3. Central Park (2:24)
4. Chimes Of Freedom (4:54)
5. I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician (2:35)
6. My Back Pages (2:42)
7. B.J. Blues (1:46)
8. Baby What You Want Me To Do (3:21)
9. Tuning - Soldier's Joy - Black Mountain Rag (3:16)
10. Mr Tambourine Man (3:42)
11. I'm So Restless (3:26)
12. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (3:16)
13. Hold It (1:38)
14. You Ain't Going Nowhere (0:58)
15. Mr Spaceman (3:28)
16. Jesus Is Just Alright (3:02)
17. Nashville West (2:10)
18. Hanoi Hannah (3:55)
19. Chestnut Mare (5:49)
20. Eight Miles High (15:04)
21. Hold It (1:40)
22. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (2:51)
23. Roll Over Beethoven (2:52)
24. Bells Of Rhymney (3:26)

Artwork by Rocking-Byrd Included

Original audio file sequenced, balanced, levelled, and generally speaking “cleaned” by Rocking-Byrd.

Many thanks to David for his help and to Bern French for providing the original file.


Rocking--Byrd said...
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dino said...

What else can I say?
A huge thank you to you, Rocking Byrd!

david said...

again; many, many thanks !

Steve said...

A very interesting concert from a band on its last legs. The real surprise here are three songs never before heard (by me, at least) in a Byrds concert: Central Park, which I guess is another Battin-Fowley composition, plus two songs that would later appear on McGuinn's first solo album: Hanoi Hannah and I'm So Restless. Very nice, especially Hanoi Hannah. The loss of Gene Parsons is especially noted on the vocals--they should never have done Jesus is Just Alright without him. John Guerin is a superior drummer, though I don't know if his style is for the Byrds. I get the impression the Byrds were fulfilling contracted appearances at this point and did not intend with Guerin in the studio. Or am I wrong? Whatever the case, music from this period of the Byrds is always interesting, and I thank you R--B for making it available.

Rocking--Byrd said...

Central Park is a Battin-Fowley song from Skip's first solo LP on Signpost (1972). McGuinn, White and Guerin all played on that album.

Aubrunner said...

Wow great songs! Thanks!!

Kilby said...

Very interesting concert. The inclusion of what would become songs from solo albums from both Roger and Skip is of interest.

John Guerin on drums is odd on the ears when you are so used to Gene Parsons. Gene was sometimes lambasted for his "fussy" style behind the kit, but I have to agree with the comment Steve made, and add I do not think Guerins style was a Byrds fit. Obviously he came to the gig with minimal rehearsal I would assume, and would have probably benefitted from not attempting some of the fills he did.

All said, its still a great concert - Thanks a lot Rockingbyrd

Doug said...

Last one that I missed and that I will bother you on. A repost would be wonderful, but I understand if you've had enough of my requests.

Thanks for everything over the years!

Rocking--Byrd said...
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Doug said...

Thank you for the repost. Much appreciated.

paolo said...

ciao Rockingbyrd...
can you plese repost thi one even for me?
thanks a lot


Rocking--Byrd said...
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Rocking--Byrd said...
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Rocking--Byrd said...
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Willie R. said...

Hi, Rocking--Byrd-Thank you for all the recent new posts, and for having kept your blog open to everyone. May I impose upon you to re-post this show? There are some surprises in the set list, and this is one of few soundboard shows that feature John Guerin on drums. I'd love to hear it, and have missed it in the past. Thank you!

Rocking--Byrd said...

New link 21017-04-29

Willie R. said...

Thank you so much for reposting this, Rocking--Byrd! I'm looking forward to listening to this! On a completely different note, for those interested, the man whose place was taken here by John Guerin has a new album out. Gene Parsons has released an album in collaboration with David Hayes, who might be best known as having been a member of Van Morrison's band, though he has released a number of albums on his own as well. It's a really nice, folky, and occasionally bluegrass-y sounding CD. They perform all the instruments and vocals on it, and on a cover of Steve Earle's "Hillbilly Highway" they have an additional vocalist as well. If you like Gene Parsons' music, I suspect you'd like this CD, too. As far as I know, it is only available here: Just to let you know....