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Gene Clark And The Firebyrds – Lonestar Café 1984-10-19

Gene Clark And The Firebyrds – Lonestar Café 1984-10-19

The Lonestar Café, NYC – 1984-10-19

Gene Clark (guitar, harmonica, vocals)
Michael Clarke (drums)
Matt Andes (guitar, vocals)
Peter Oliva (bass, vocals)
Mike Hardwick (pedal steel guitar, vocals)

Soundboard recording

Disc 1

1. Here Without You (3:32)
2. Silver Raven (4:46)
3. She Darked The Sun (4:48)
4. You Showed Me (2:24)
5. Something About You Baby (4:20)
6. Rain Song (5:21)
7. Train Leaves Here This Morning (6:02)
8. Vanessa (4:22)
9. She Loves You (5:03)
10. Mr.Tambourine Man (cut) (5:17)

Disc 2

11. Fair And Tender Ladies (4:05)
12. Tried So Hard (2:32)
13. Kansas City Southern (6:33)
14. Dixie Flyer (4:25)
15. You're Gonna Miss That Somebody (5:13)
16. Blue Raven (4:21)
17. Vanessa (4:57)
18. Rodeo Rider (6:24)
No Other (4:46)

Artwork Included

Many thanks to our faithful visitor YouAre for providing the files

Audio levels, balance and sequencing adjusted by Rocking-Byrd.

Original YouAre artwork adapted by Rocking-Byrd.


Rocking--Byrd said...
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david said...

what can we say but THANKS !!!!!!

dino said...

Thanks a lot Rocking Byrd

david said...

Matt Andes is not in the band at this point. He's not introduced in either set's band intros, and Michael hardwick is called the lead guitar. GREAT show however

Rufus said...

Thank you very much for sharing yet another Gene Clark show. This made for a very enjoyable weekend, as I also received my dvd copy of the Gene Clark documentary, The Byrd Who Flew Alone.

Rocking--Byrd said...

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