Monday, September 13, 2010

Gene Clark & The Firebyrds - Continental Club, Austin 1984

Gene Clark and The Firebyrds – Austin 1984

Continental Club, Austin, Texas – January 16, 1984

Gene Clark (guitar, harmonica, vocals)
Michael Clarke (drums)
Matt Andes (guitar, vocals)
Peter Oliva (bass, vocals)
Mike Hardwick (keyboards, vocals)

1. Tried So Hard (2:55)
2. Spanish Guitar (3:25)
3. Silver Raven (3:32)
4. Kansas City Southern (6:41)
5. You Showed Me (2:58)
6. Dixie Flyer (4:03)
7. Band Intros (0:56)
8. Blue Raven (4:43)
9. She Loves You (5:11)
10. She Darked The Sun (4:38)
11. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (3:14)
12. Here Without You (3:46)
13. She Don't Care About Time (2:49)
14. Gypsy Rider (4:49)
15. Vanessa (6:04)
16. Something About You Baby (4:25)
17. Ain't Living Long Like This (5:48)
18. Train Leaves Here This Morning (6:08)
19. Rodeo Rider (5:07)
20. No Other (5:26)
21. Hula Bula Man (4:21)
22. She Loves You (5:16)
23. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (5:42)
24. Mr Tambourine Man (7:35)
25. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (4:12)

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FyreByrd said...

Hi Rockingbyrd,
I panicked this morning when I saw your blog was no longer available. I breathed a sigh of relief when I received the invite to view the new blog. I am grateful to be included.
Also, thanks for posting the MCH Last Time Around and the Firebyrds Continental Club shows. They have been in regular rotation all week.
-- Drew

doc said...

ditto! thanks for the invitation - i'm very grateful to be included.

kilby said...

Thanks for the invite again - much appreciated.

Rufus said...

Rockingbyrd, thanks for the invitation, it' great to see you back!

Mister Bill 593 said...

Same here, glad to still be a part of the group!

Steve said...

So it wasn't a problem with my computer. Glad to be still part of the group. Now, on to the latest upload. I have the Firebyrds cd with Gene, and I was a little disappointed with some of it-not that it's a bad record, but it seems he was not quite as creative as other times. Not long after this, I believe, Gene started his Byrds tribute band and tours, perhaps to remind people he was once an important part of that legendary group. This concert has some nice material in it, with songs from the Firebyrd cd plus a number of other songs from his career, and even a Beatles song (done twice) though with different arrangements. The band seems rather lite to me--competent but not very noticeable. Gene himself is pretty good, though some of his vocals, especially the higher one, sound a little strained. His voice was not born to rock and roll any more than McGuinn's was. However, when he's at his best, the emotional content is strong and the general tone rather melancholic, and that's what he does best. Unfortunately, I can't listen to Gene Clark for long stretches of time because he sounds so melancholic. Maybe that's why he never became a popular performer after leaving the Byrds. He was certainly superior to singers like James Taylor, whom I really can't stomach, yet his albums never took off. I have a few of his post-Byrds records, and some are excellent, like Dillard and Clark's 1st and White Light. He deserved more success than he got, but despite the lack of sales he continued to write fine songs until his premature death at the age of 44. This concert, even if not one of his best, in part because of the rather lackluster performance of the Firebyrds, is still a worthy addition to my Gene Clark collection, and once again thanks R-B.

Steve said...

Just curious--why was the original blogsite closed and its members invited to the mirror site? The other site seemed more active, as far as commentaries are concerned. This is not an important issue or even a complaint--just a question.

GabeFromJPN said...

Greetings from Tokyo!
Thanks a lot for including me in your invitation to this fantastic blog again!

Luiz Byrds said...

It's a pleasure to see that you're alive and kicking, Rockingbyrd.
You know, you're as vital as the air we breathe... we, byrdmaniax, couldn't live without you. (lol)
What a relief!!!!!

Luiz Byrds

Mister Bill 593 said...

The thing I noticed most about this current Gene Clark set is the wild reaction of the audience. This certainly must be one of the most enthusiastic Gene Clark crowds ever. May not be Gene's absolute best but I am really enjoying listening to this set especially some of the songs you didn't normally get to hear "live" from Gene. I agree that its his melancholy nature that is one of the most endearing factors in his repetoire!

Rocking--Byrd said...

I can't go into details here, but this is now the main blog. All comments in the previous blog were lost in the process. I didn't ask for the change; it just happened.

The mirror blog stays unchanged.

Andy Clare said...

Could I echo the other posts in that I really apprecaite the new invitation to the blog. This is such a great insight into the Byrds and my personal favourite, Gene Clark. Thanks so much for the Continental post. I guess this wasn't classic era Gene but its still a whole lot better (!)than a lot of his contempories. I've recently been listening to Two Sides To Every Story again and it strikes me how good the material is on that album. Its a shame not more was included in this set - but what a fantastic set it is anyway. Really looking forward to getting familar with it. Many thanks.

John said...

thanks very much for the invite. gene and everyone sounds like they are enjoying themselves. best of luck. thank you.

Greg said...

I appreciate the invitation to the new blog.

I have noticed, however, that whenever I want to visit the blog, I have to return to your e-mail to access the page. Otherwise I'm not recognized, and I receive the following message -
"It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

I have my original account with Google that I used with the original Rockingbyrd blog. When I sign back in, with my original password, the blog opens, but when I return the following day, I have to repeat the process again.

What am I doing incorrectly...?

Uwe Rayer said...

Hi RockingByrd,

So sorry I was not aware it was an invitanial only. I took a shot and I succeded, thank you very much for letting us in.
Is it from some worth if the members of The Gene Clark Amsterdam fan club ask if they may join too??

Happy to have you. dj en uwe

Rocking--Byrd said...

Yes, this blog is usually for members only, but it's currently available to all visitors. It will become private again soon, so if you want to be a member, send your e-mail address in a comment (it won't be published) and I'll send you an invitation to join.

Uwe Rayer said...

Hi RockingB,

Our story: 1"m 17 and my grandpa is 66. He is massive in Gene and he has injected me and other people in our surroundings to real Gene adepts. As he suffered a severe illness and is not able to cruise the internet he asked me to do so. Well we are glad we did. You're site is the best ever according to Gene and related.

Please feel free to send us the invitation to this blog.

We hope there is a chance to do something back to you (donation,artwork,uploads,more members ect.ect)

It would be a honour to us (7 Gene fans in the area of Amsterdam, Holland) to be invited.

Our email: and if you care for more members please say so.

Thank you very much in advance for all the good work you do.

Best regards, stay healthy.

uwe and dj.

ckibelf said...

Mr. Byrd,
I would appreciate an invitation for when you go private. I really enjoy the various Byrd related posts, especially Gene Clark.
Thanks, ckibelf

Rocking--Byrd said...

ckibelf, I need a valid e-mail address to send you an invite. It won't be published.