Monday, September 27, 2010

Desert Rose Band - Roses At The Ritz (1987-1989)


(this album is made from segments from two concerts at the Ritz, New York in 1987 and 1989)

Chris Hillman (guitar, mandolin, lead vocals, harmony vocals)
John Jorgensen (guitars, harmony vocals)
Bill Bryson (bass)
Herb Pedersen (guitar, lead vocals, harmony vocals)
Steve Duncan (drums)
Jay Dee Maness (pedal steel guitar)

1. Love Reunited (3:02)
2. Start All Over Again (4:39)
3. Everybody's Hero (3:28)
4. For The Rich Man (4:10)
5. Time Between (2:32)
6. I Still Believe In You (4:08)
7. Can't Keep You In Love With Me (2:53)
8. Darkness On The Playground (4:46)
9. Once More (4:01)
10. Summer Wind (3:25)
11. Hello Trouble (2:13)
12. One Step Forward (3:45)
13. She Don't Love Nobody (3:00)
14. Why You Been Gone So Long (3:35)
15. Under Your Spell Again (2:49)
16. Livin' In The House (3:40)
17. Hard Times (3:08)
18. He's Back And I'm Blue (3:19)
19. You Can Close Your Eyes (2:45)
20. Just Tell Me Darlin' (3:43)
21. One That Got Away (3:42)
22. Runnin' The Road Blocks (2:22)
23. Ashes Of Love (3:03)

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doc said...

Great series of posts lately!

Luiz Byrds said...

It's one of the most magnificent Byrds-related CDs in the alternative field. The band plays terrifically behind the wonderful harmonies of Chris and Herb which are richer than ever, and the sound is too crisp for a bootleg. These performances could have been released as a regular CD, with some studio improvement, dealing with the wish of Hillman who always lamented the lack of initiative of Curb Records for a DRB live album.
Researching in my old Byrds-archives the other day I found out that the first thirteen tracks have been taken from a Westwood One broadcast in August 1989, while the rest comes from a Gilley's 1987 show.
With regard to the DRB, Chris Hillman once said in an interview for Radio Slovenia on 18 October 2000 that "it was the Burrito Brothers with a lot more polish and a lot more professionalism".
Great post, Rockingbyrd!

Luiz Byrds

Steve said...

I wasn't sure whether to download this new posting, but Luiz Byrds' review convinced me to go ahead, and I wasn't disappointed. Chris' description of DRB is fair, I think, which means in part that FBB were the innovators with DRB the quality control. While I'm not a country fan, I like a lot of country rock, and that's basically what these concerts are. At least no one calls it Cosmic American Music! The songs may or may not appeal to everyone, but no one can deny the quality of the band itself, These guys can play very well, and the vocals are studio quality, especially the harmonies. Having heard several concerts by DRB, including the recent ones, I still don't know why this band broke up. Thanks for another interesting offering, R-B.

pholkiephred said...

I got this one last time around and agree it's an excellent show. I think the breakup had more to do with Chris wanting to semi-retire than anything else. Several nice things with Tony rice and with Herb Petersen continued but the travelling big band has gotten harder to sustain for a lot of talented people. Thank you Rbyrd for reupping me to your blog. I'm not sure how I lost my footing.

Brian Stanley said...

If it's no trouble, could you reupload this gem? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

Rocking--Byrd said...

New link 2016-06-12