Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chris Hillman with Richard Marx - WEA Studios 1976

This will be the last Chris Hillman post for the time being (after the flood...)

Chris Hillman And Richard B. Marx – WEA Studios 1976

No label, no reference – homemade from tape

Note: this is not “the” Richard Marx but another artist. Richard B. Marx was Chris Hillman's harmony singer and go-to-guy when the other somewhat famous singer didn't quite work out back when Chris was putting together a post Souther-Hillman-Furay Band group, back in the mid-1970s. Another Colorado expatriate from Southern California, Richard came out of Slumgullion, a Boulder band whose drummer Michael Wooten played with Chris and the guys from Firefall. He would tour with Chris for almost three years, and was featured on the "Clear Sailin’" album. He co-wrote the title track from “Clear Sailin’” with Chris Hillman and Rick Roberts.

Excellent sound quality – not available in stores

1.  Fallen Eagle (1:40)
2.  Love Is The Sweetest Amnesty (2:04)
3.  Sin City (2:59)
4.  The Race Is On (2:09)
5.  Rise And Fall (2:23)
6.  It Doesn't Matter (2:31)
7.  Step On Out (2:42)
8.  Wheels (3:07)
9.  Devil In Disguise (2:33)
10.  Heavenly Fire (2:36)
11.  Take Me In Your Lifeboat (2:44)

Artwork Included (front, back)


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Would you mind restoring this.

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Edwin Deas said...

This was very interesting.
This was a Time when Hillman was working hard on his voice and he seemed to combine well with Mr Marx.