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The Byrds – The Easy Rider Generation In Concert

The Byrds – The Easy Rider Generation In Concert

Subtitled Turn Turn Turn / Tambourine Man / Eight Miles High

The Easy Rider Years - Nota Blue 930160 (Italy 1993)

Roger McGuinn, David Crosby, Michael Clarke, Chris Hillman, John York, Clarence White, Gene Parsons, Skip Battin

Tracks from various performances 1967, 1969 and 1970.

There are some mistakes and omissions in the tracks titles and in the musicians details.

Disc 1

1. Hey Joe (2:19)
2. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star (2:04)
3. Old Blue (3:23)
4. My Back Pages (6:37)
5. Chestnut Mare (4:25)
6. Chimes Of Freedom (3:20)
7. Take A Whiff (On Me) (3:00)
8. Positively 4th Street (3:23)
9. Lay Lady Lay (3:16)
10. All The Things (4:32)
11. Get Out Of My Life Woman (3:16)
12. Jesus Is Just Alright (3:30)
He Was A Friend Of Mine (2:28)

Disc 2

1. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (2:36)
2. Ballad Of Easy Rider (mistitled Watching The River Flow) (2:37)
3. This Wheel's On Fire (7:09)
4. Well Come Back Home (misspelled Welcome Back Home) (3:54)
5. Lover Of The Bayou (4:13)
6. Medley - Turn Turn Turn - Mr Tambourine Man - Eight Miles High (24:17)

Artwork Included (front, back, CDs)


Rocking--Byrd said...

Edwin Deas said...

Thanks Rocking-Byrd.
You have amazing sources!
Long may they flourish.

mouwie said...

Thanks for those beautiful music.

Steve said...

Just to set the record straight, the Battin Byrds performed most of the songs with the exception of tracks 9, 11, and 12, which were done by the York-era Byrds, and tracks 1, 2, and 13 which were done by the original Byrds (minus Gene Clark). The sound is rather good for the most part, with the exception of the York segments, where the vocals are poorly balanced against the instruments. A pity, as I like the concerts of this version of the Byrds, having seen them in 1969 and being surprised by the variety of the setlist ( eg track 11) and the beautiful version of Jesus is Just Alright, which was the closest the later Byrds got to the original sound. The Battin Byrds are sometimes considered to be the best live group, but the results here are mixed, such as on Chestnut Mare, where McGuinn seems to have forgotten how the song goes. I still prefer the original group, but appreciate the accomplishments of the later group as well. But I don't think the Battin Byrds ever did the songs of the original group very well--their forté were the songs they had recorded, as you might expect. Thanks for these interesting compilations.

Rob Sherriff said...

Thanks for what you're doing RB :)

dino said...

Omissions, mistakes and misspelling: oh... it's made in Italy...
We don't miss a chance to cut a bad figure...