Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gene Clark – The 7 CD Box Set - Disc 6 – The Live Performances (1)

Gene Clark – The 7 CD Box Set

Disc 6 – The Live Performances (1)

This 7 CD set of unreleased, rare, alternate takes, demos, and live recordings was compiled and released on CDRs by and only for members of the Gene Clark Yahoo List in 2001.

1. Kansas City Southern (4:49)
2. If You Could Read My Mind (4:35)
3. Painted Fire (3:43)
4. Won't Let You Down (5:01)
5. Something About You Baby (3:45)
6. Train Leaves Here This Morning (4:00)
7. Hear The Wind (3:08)
8. Backstage Pass (4:28)
9. The World Turns All Around Her (3:21)
10. Release Me Girl (4:20)
11. Spanish Guitar (6:05)
12. Satisfied Mind (4:40)
13. Denver Or Whenever (2:50)
14. Eight Miles High (3:12)
15. Rodeo Rider (2:46)
16. Your Fire Burning (2:14)
17. She Don't Care About Time (3:38)
18. Past Adresses (3:27)
19. Little Mama (3:09)
20. Bells Of Rhymney (4:35)

Complete Artwork (fronts, backs, 12 page booklet) will be posted with Disc 7


Rocking--Byrd said...

mcbyrds said...

Thank you sir.

dino said...

Hi Rocking-Byrd, how come that I am sent to some TV-Hero, Get My Ad sites when I click on the ZippyShare logo to download this file? Can you kindly help? Thanks a million.

Rocking--Byrd said...

Dino, I just checked and everything's working perfectly. No such thing.

dino said...

Great! Now it seems to be working OK. I don't know what has happened.... Tks anyway

Edwin Deas said...

Thanks R-B

hayseed said...

For each file, I tagged the location/date info into the song titles. (A couple as noted in the liner notes are actually wrong.) Possibly someone else would want this info at a glance. I can upload these versions.