Sunday, March 19, 2017

Gene Clark – The 7 CD Box Set - Disc 5 – Rare Releases And Alternate Takes

Gene Clark – The 7 CD Box Set

Disc 5 – Rare Releases And Alternate Takes

This 7 CD set of unreleased, rare, alternate takes, demos, and live recordings was compiled and released on CDRs by and only for members of the Gene Clark Yahoo List in 2001.

1. Day For Night (2:53)
2. Denver (Or Whenever) (4:50)
3. Lovers Turnaround (3:26)
4. Jokers Are Wild (4:02)
5. Release Me Girl (5:34)
6. Here Without You (3:59)
7. Hula Bula Man (4:08)
8. Changes (3:27)
9. Outlaw Song (1:07)
10. I Remember The Railroad (2:31)
11. Why Did You Leave Me Today (4:14)
12. Shooting Star (4:36)
13. Gypsy Rider (4:01)
14. Mary Sue (4:43)
15. Misty Morning (4:05)
16. All I Want (4:18)
17. Love Wins Again (2:43)
18. She Don't Care About Time (4:13)
19. The Virgin (4:15)
I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (2:13)

Complete Artwork (fronts, backs, 12 page booklet) will be posted with Disc 7


Rocking--Byrd said...

dino said...

Thank you Rocking Byrd, you've made my day!

Edwin Deas said...

Thanks for this and the others Rocking-Byrd.
I have a feeling I wrote comments before and forget to send.
Anyway, I am just back from Japan. Looked for rare Byrds and related stuff in Tower Records, still going strong over there. No joy although I found some other good stuff.
Where are you at in your privatization move?

Steve said...

A fine collection here. The alternate takes are interesting, and the rare ones a real pleasure. The version of Release Me Girl is so much better than the MCH album version, and it's live to boot. A son like Mary Sue might have been a hit, it's quite commercial but fun to listen to as well. Really, Gene Clark was a prolific songwriter, one of the most prolific in his relatively short career. I wonder if anyone has counted how many songs he either wrote or co-wrote in his twenty-odd years as a musician. His voice was distinct and expressive, both as a solo vehicle as well as in harmony. It's taking me awhile to get through all this music--now on to the live recordings! Thanks R--B, I'0m really enjoying these.