Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gene Clark – The 7 CD Box Set - Disc 1 – The Unreleased Originals – Part 1

Gene Clark – The 7 CD Box Set

Disc 1 – The Unreleased Originals – Part 1

This 7 CD set of unreleased, rare, alternate takes, demos, and live recordings was compiled and released on CDRs by and only for members of the Gene Clark Yahoo List in 2001.

Miscellaneous recordings of varying sound quality, but overall good to very good

It’s a hard-to-find gem, a fan compilation box set of the great songwriter and golden-voiced singer-songwriter, Gene Clark. This is a whopping 7 disc collection consisting completely of unreleased material from throughout his post-Byrds (and post-Dillard & Clark) career (covering 1971-1991). That is, this material was all unreleased at the time the compilation was put together, which was 2001, as since then official versions of some of these tracks have been subsequently released.

The compilation is divided into the sections Unreleased Originals, Unreleased Covers, Rare Releases and Alternate Takes, and The Live Performances, but within those sections there is no particular theme or order, as different time periods are mixed throughout.

This contains loads of great stuff for dedicated fans, including much that you may not have heard before, by this great, underappreciated artist.

Some tracks are duets or band performances; all details (credits, songs, places, dates, contributors, etc…) are mentioned in the 12 page booklet that will be posted with Disc 7.

Gene Clark (solo), Gene Clark & The Firebyrds, Gene Clark & The Silverados, Gene Clark & The Byrds Tribute, Gene Clark & Roger McGuinn, Flyte (Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, Al Perkins, Herb Pedersen), McGuinn, Clark & Hillman, McGuinn, Clark & Crosby, Gene Clark & The K.C. Southern Band, Gene Clark with Jesse Ed Davis, McGuinn, Clark, Hillman & Crosby, Gene Clark with studio musicians.

1. I Don't Want To See You Anymore (5:46)
2. Carry On (5:43)
3. Shades Of Blue (4:45)
4. I Need To Fly (3:36)
5. Sleep Will Return (3:27)
6. After The Storm (4:54)
7. Look Who's Missing Who (3:24)
8. Somewhere After Midnight (4:31)
9. Life And Times (5:21)
10. Straight From The Heart (3:06)
11. Crazy Ladies (3:41)
12. Lovers’ Turnaround (3:15)
13. My Marie (5:45)
14. I Am Without You (4:36)
15. On The Run (3:47)
16. The Old Mountain Gold (3:42)

Complete Artwork (fronts, backs, 12 page booklet) will be posted with Disc 7


Rocking--Byrd said...

Edwin Deas said...

Great stuff R-B
I acquired this a while back but the sound quality was not that good.
Looking forward to having a better set of what is an amazing compilation.

mcbyrds said...

ave it also, hoping the quality is better. Thanks.

Rocking--Byrd said...

It's a fresh rip of my original set from 2001

Steve said...

Don't know why this stuff was unreleased--it could easily have made a top-notch album. I Don't Want to See You Anymore is simply heart-breaking, while the others are a varied lot and mostly well-written. The sound is good enough for me--I'm just happy to have the material, even if I have heard a lot of it before. Gene Clark was one of a kind--there won't be many like him around in the future. Thanks for this and the rest of the collection.

dino said...

I'm more than HAPPY to download this set. It looks fantastic! Thanks a million RB!