Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Byrds – Live 1972 (Unknown Place And Date)

The Byrds – Live 1972 (Unknown Place And Date)

Roger McGuinn (guitar, vocals)
Gene Parsons (drums, banjo, vocals)
Clarence White (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Skip Battin (bass, vocals)

Soundboard recording

1. Lover Of The Bayou (2:17)
2. Bugler (3:39)
3. America's Great National Pastime (3:10)
4. Chimes Of Freedom (4:14)
5. I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician (2:20)
6. My Back Pages (2:53)
7. B.J. Blues (1:12)
8. Baby What You Want Me To Do (2:44)
9. Mr Tambourine Man (1:36)
10. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms (2:38)
11. B.B. Class Road (3:01)
12. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star (3:07)
Chestnut Mare (5:14)
14. Eight Miles High (10:56)

Artwork Included (front, back)


Rocking--Byrd said...

Edwin Deas said...

Thanks for this Rocking-Byrd
Surprising that it can't be placed.
They played so often that year and so many concerts were recorded that you would think it could be placed by process of elimination if nothing else.

Seasons greetings to you.

James Kelly said...

Rocking-Byrd, thank you so much for the early Xmas presents. This material is more like a Holy Grail for me.

Cheers and Happy Holidays

Kevin Lockley said...

Many thanks again Rocking Byrd,as James says an early Christmas present! The set is similar to the Rainbow in places and Gene was fired in July so I've narrowed it to one of 36 concerts so far! Best wishes to you and all Byrds fans for the season,looking forward to the new Gene Clark!!!!! Kevin

mcbyrds said...

Thank you for this upload.

Rocking--Byrd said...

Kevin, I guess you go by Hjort's book for narrowing. So it's 36...unless Hjort's book isn't exhaustive (which it isn't).

Kevin Lockley said...

Hi Rocking Byrd!,yes you've guessed my source. I've never found a gig listed wrongly so far but I'm sure he's not infallible. If i was a betting man (which I'm not) I'd say that April at the Lafayette Blackham Colisseum University
of South west Louisiana. All the tracks are mentioned,though it
would not be complete and it WAS taped according to Hjort.Thanks again ,Great show great version of Chestnut Mare and B.B. Class Road Best wishes again Kevin

paolo said...

Evviva! your return is always welcome Rockingbyrd...
the shows you posted seem very interesting. unluckily there is a smartscreen filter that don't allows me the download from zippyshare because it's considered unsecure. anyway it's a pleasure to see all this material coming out from your vaults...
thanks for your work and may you have a splendid 2017!!!!
You and of course all this wonderful online community that follows you.

Rocking--Byrd said...

Thanks Paolo. My Zippy files are not unsecure; they've been downloaded many times with no problems or complains.

paolo said...

thanks, i know it Rockingbyrd, and i know it's a problem of mine...
and i hope to be able to resolve it sooner or later, anyway if i could resolve it in the future i will ask you for re-post in case the links were no more available...
stay good


paolo said...

Rockingbyrd! Today finally i'll been able to download these concerts.... and without doing nothing particular than the other times i've tried !

Thanks for this treasures!

dino said...

You know this kind of things might happen 'round here...
Good to see you (both) back.