Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Byrds – Donovan Hall Chicago 1971

The Byrds – Donovan Hall Chicago 1971

Donovan Hall, International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL – January 1st, 1971

Roger McGuinn (guitar, vocals)
Gene Parsons (drums, banjo, vocals)
Clarence White (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Skip Battin (bass, vocals)
Jimmi Seiter (percussions, congas)

Soundboard recording

1. Pretty Boy Floyd (2:32)
2. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (3:15)
3. 03 Take A Whiff (On Me) (3:05)
4. Chestnut Mare (5:32)
5. 05 Jesus Is Just Alright (3:10)
6. Eight Miles High (20:06)
7. This Wheel's On Fire (5:34)
8. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star (3:04)
9. Mr Spaceman (4:05)

Artwork Included

With many thanks to David M. 


Rocking--Byrd said...

Edwin Deas said...

Thanks so much for this and the three you restored for me.
I thought I had a decent collection of the Byrds family recordings but your collection blows me a way. I could easily ask for 75% of it! Do you mind if I gradually ask for 3 at a time to be restored? Or, is there any other way I could access them?
If you are willing, I would like the following:
MCH Paris 1979
DRB Belly Up and Coachhouse 08-27/28-2008
Hillman et al Paradiso Amsterdam 09-14-1984


dino said...

Thanks a million once again