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Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman – Paris 1980

Roger McGuinn & Chris Hillman – Paris 1980

Hippodrome De Pantin, Paris, France – February 8, 1980

Roger McGuinn (12 string guitar, vocals)
Chris Hillman (bass, vocals)
Johnne Sambataro (guitar, vocals)
Scott Kirkpatrick (drums, vocals)

1. Intro (0:22)
2. Who Taught The Night (2:55)
3. Giving Yourself Away (4:11)
4. Long Long Time (2:42)
5. Don't You Write Her Off (3:16)
6. Turn Turn Turn (3:15)
7. One More Chance (4:07)
8. Sad Boy (4:28)
9. Band Intro (0:18)
10. My Back Pages (2:45)
11. Jesus Is Just Alright (3:15)
12. Chestnut Mare (5:37)
13. Let Me Down Easy (3:21)
14. Skate Date (2:56)
15. It Doesn't Matter (2:59)
16. Mr Tambourine Man (3:51)
17. Surrender To Me (3:43)
18. Chimes Of Freedom (3:07)
19. City (5:09)
20. Mr Spaceman (2:57)
21. Deeper In (2:58)
22. Stopping Traffic (3:46)
23. Audience Clapping (1:19)
24. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (3:10)
25. Eight Miles High (5:17)
26. Audience Wanting Some More (0:50)
27. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (3:51)
28. Bye Bye Baby + Audience Still Wanting More (2:53)
29. Who Taught The Night (3:09)

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thank you, another nice addition. cool photos as well.

dino said...

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Steve said...

This was a good time for MCH minus C, judging from the 2nd album and the various concerts I've heard from this time (1980-81). Of course they still sound a lot like the original Byrds, even in the new stuff (City, Let Me Down Easy especially, plus the old Byrds songs) and even like the latter Byrds (Jesus is Just Alright, Chestnut Mare), but there is a harder edge, partly due to the drumming by Scott Kirkpatrick, partly due to some of the songs themselves, particularly the Chris Hillman rockers (Deeper In, Who Taught the Night). A lot of the material is from the second album, which shed the non-Byrd pretensions of the first album and brought back the 12-string (but lost Gene Clark, unfortunately). There were some pretty good numbers on City (especially the title track, a very Byrdsy song), though nothing especially new. I always thought Skate Date was a dog, and still sounds like bubble gum, even live. The songs are played quite well, and the vocals often very tight. There's enough here to satisfy anyone interested in the Byrds and their later version as well (MCH), and the audience certainly sounds appreciative. One last thing--the sound is very good, as it is on all the recent uploads, even the Summerthing recording before this. Well done, RB--and thank you for all this good music. It still sounds fresh after all these years.

paolo said...

yes, another good post Rockingbyrd... thanks as Always...

Rocking--Byrd said...

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