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Rick Roberts – Sandy’s Club, Beverly, Mass. 1974

Rick Roberts – Sandy’s Club, Beverly, Mass. 1974

Sandy’s Club, Beverly, Mass. – March 2, 1974

Acoustic solo performance – Rick Roberts sings a lot, plays a lot, and talks a WHOLE lot.

Rick Roberts replaced Gram Parsons in The Flying Burrito Brothers, and later became the Burritos leader when all original members had left. While still a member of the band, he released two solo albums (“Windmills” in 1972 and “She Is A Song” in 1973) and later went on to be the founding member of the highly successful Firefall.
In the 80s, he was a member of Gene Clark’s Byrds Tribute band.

Nowadays, Roberts’ poor heath condition prevents him from performing live, but he still releases download-only tracks available from his website at

Early Set

1. Why Are You Crying (4:53)
2. In A Dream (5:01)
3. Four Days Of Rain (5:55)
4. Company (3:38)
5. Lost In Sin (3:50)
6. Lights (3:26)
7. Jenny's Blues (4:58)
8. Westwind (4:43)
9. Davy McVie (4:00)
10. Drunk And Dirty (3:51)
11. Colorado (5:10)
The Fast One (2:36)

Late Set

1. Four Days Gone (3:38)
2. In My Own Small Way (2:54)
3. I Just Want To Be In Love Again (3:10)
4. Mexico (4:00)
5. She Still Has Those Eyes (5:31)
6. Wild Horses (5:19)
7. Two Lovely Women (5:13)
8. It Doesn't Matter (4:57)
9. Glad To Be Going (6:02)
10. The Captain (13:52)
11. Deliver Me (6:31)
For Free (5:15)

Concert recorded by David M.

Original audio files provided by David E. – Many thanks to him.

Audio files reworked by Rocking-Byrd (levels, balance, tags, clicks and noise removal, tracks splitting, between songs breaks, etc…)

Artwork by Rocking-Byrd


Rocking--Byrd said...
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Rocking--Byrd said...

http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/74979088/file.html (early set)

http://www41.zippyshare.com/v/5945700/file.html (late set)

david said...

nice job fixing this up. thanks, and thanks for posting it.

dino said...

Thanks a lot and.... MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'all from Italy!

pholkiephred said...

Thanks for this-I don't have anything to compare it to except perhaps a show posted here RR together with Hillman. I saw Rick solo as the opener to some rock bands..BTO and Commander Cody, I think, and he was very talkative, even scolded the audience for inattention to quieter tunes. Still he sang and played great...always loved Why are You crying and used to include it when I was a player. I'm sure it irked him not to be able to take part in the Firefall reunions to any real extent...curious to hear how his new band sounds.