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Stephen Stills Manassas – Sundown, Edmonton, London 1972

Stephen Stills Manassas – Sundown, Edmonton, London 1972

Sundown Club, Edmonton, London – October 8, 1972

Stephen Stills - guitar, piano, vocals
Chris Hillman - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Al Perkins - pedal steel, vocals
Paul Harris - piano
Joe Lala - percussion, vocals
Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels - bass
Dallas Taylor – drums

Audience Recording

1. Intro (0:22)
2. Rock 'N' Roll Woman (4:28)
3. Bound To Fall (3:21)
4. Johnny's Garden (5:09)
5. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (3:41)
6. Go Back Home (11:39)
7. Change Partners (3:35)
8. Know You Got To Run (8:35)
9. Crossroads (4:50)
10. Black Queen (5:45)
11. Word Game (5:14)
12. Both Of Us (Bound To Lose) - Love The One You're With (5:41)
13. Fallen Eagle (2:04)
14. Hide It So Deep (3:18)
15. You're Still On My Mind (2:26)
16. Sugar Babe (5:33)
17. Pensiamento (2:52)
18. 49 Bye-Byes - For What It's Worth (11:06)
19. Lies (3:40)
20. Hot Burrito #1 (5:02)
21. Song Of Love (3:04)
22. Rock 'N' Roll Crazies - Cuban Bluegrass (3:32)
23. Jet Set (Sigh) (4:58)
24. Anyway (5:34)
25. The Treasure - Carry On (11:24)
26. Daylight Again - Find The Cost Of Freedom (10:07)

Artwork Included


Rocking--Byrd said...
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Steve said...

These new concerts keep coming, and it's hard to keep up with them. Just as I'm ready to comment on the Manassas concert, a new Byrds concert appears. An embarrassment of riches, but still very few comments. I don't know Manassas very well, just the songs associated with Chris Hillman. This concert puts Stephen Sills out front as the chief artist, with Chris Hillman and the other musicians as the backup band, for the most part. Fair enough, as Stills was at the top of the heap with CSN&Y while Hillman, originally from the Byrds, had left the not-very-successful Flying Burrito Brothers. I was pleasantly surprised with the concert, which does not sound like an ego trip at all, even though it is. There's a lot of nice music here, and the band is good, even if not always used. Why didn't it last? Thanks, R--B.

Rocking--Byrd said...
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Rocking--Byrd said...

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