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Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark – Willamantic 1978

Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark – Willamantic 1978

Shaboo Inn, Willamantic – March 15, 1978

Audience Recording

1. Gene Clark - The True One (3:19)
2. Gene Clark - Denver Or Whenever (3:22)
3. Gene Clark - Silver Raven (3:28)
4. Roger McGuinn - Ballad Of Easy Rider (2:09)
5. Roger McGuinn - 5D (2:20)
6. Roger McGuinn - Dreamland (2:43)
7. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Mr Spaceman (3:43)
8. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - He Was A Friend Of Mine (3:08)
9. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Feelin' Higher (4:15)
10. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Don't You Write Her Off (3:11)
11. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (3:11)
12. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Chestnut Mare (6:07)
13. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Crazy Ladies (3:44)
14. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Train Leaves Here This Morning (4:12)
15. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Mr Tambourine Man (5:14)
16. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Bagful Of Money (3:53)
17. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Release Me Girl (4:00)
18. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - You Ain't Going Nowhere (4:46)
19. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Fair And Tender Ladies (3:06)
20. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Turn Turn Turn (3:20)
21. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Knockin' On Heaven's Door (4:45)
22. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (2:33)
23. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Eight Miles HIgh (4:29)
24. Roger McGuinn & Gene Clark - Season Song (Bye Bye Baby) (3:55)

Artwork Included

Many thanks to David for the files


Steve said...

Once again R--B could you post the link for this concert?

Rocking--Byrd said...
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Steve said...

I've often wondered what kind of record McGuinn and Clark would have made if Hillman hadn't become part of the group. Not that Hillman was a negative influence--I saw the three of them in San Diego at the end of the 1970s and enjoyed the concert thoroughly--it's just that when Chris came on board Roger took a back seat, especially on the first record, where he had a relatively minor role overall. My favorite song from these early concerts with just McGuinn and Clark is Crazy Ladies--a typically moody Gene Clark song enhanced by a jazzy solo from McGuinn which reminds me more of Everybody's Been Burned than Eight Miles High. He plays around the melodic line, varying rhythms but not straying too far from the central theme. It sounds very good on practically every version I've heard of this song, and it's a pity it was never recorded. Fair and Tender Ladies is another song that would have made a fine album track, certainly better than some of the songs which ended up on the 2 albums on which Clark took part, and better than the Chris Hillman songs which were included, which I found rather ordinary. McGuinn and Clark show a close rapport in all of the concerts I've heard, and might have produced something special if they had decided to produce an album together and co-rite songs--kind of like the founders of the Byrds starting over again but 15 years later. This concert is barebones and delightful, despite the mediocre sound quality Gene seems particularly fond of You Ain't Going Nowhere and Rock and Roll Star; although he never figured in those songs, you get the impression he wished he had. And his harmony contribution to Chestnut Mare is precisely what the original recording lacked, despite its other virtues. Really, it's a shame this partnership never lived up to its promise. My feeling is that if it had been a more low-key affair, without the necessity of mass touring (given Gene's reluctance to fly) this duo would have made more interesting albums than they did. Fortunately, we still have these wonderful concerts to enjoy. Thanks, Rocking--Byrd.

Romuald said...

Was this picture from the same concert ?

david said...

no,it's not.I didn't take photos at this show

Rocking--Byrd said...

New link 2012-07-25