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Kentucky Colonels - Ash Grove Mid-Sixties (Tut Taylor Reel Tapes Archives #29)

The Kentucky Colonels – Tut Taylor Reel Tapes Archives #29

Ash Grove, Santa Monica, CA (mid 60s)

Clarence White - guitar
Roland White - mandolin
Scotty Stoneman - fiddle
Billy Ray Lathum – banjo
Roger Bush - bass
Leroy Mack – dobro

With guests Tut Taylor and The Spencers

The Tut Taylor Archive Reel #29 features a Kentucky Colonels live performance that was probably recorded at the Ash Grove, Santa Monica, CA, circa mid-1960s. Tut's recording does a nice job of capturing Clarence White's fine backing guitar. A nice treat is to hear the masterful fiddling of "Eight Time National Champion Fiddler" Scotty Stoneman, who is announced as a guest at this show. Some dobro is heard in the background on tracks 9-10, and may be Tut. "The Spencers" (Dave and Lou), a popular California country act in the 1960s, sing two songs (tracks 12-13) backed by the Colonels. This recording is notable for featuring a number of tunes not found on other circulating Kentucky Colonels shows.

1. Wound Time Can't Erase (0:22)
2. Each Season Changes You (3:18)
3. From A Jack To A King (4:40)
4. Sometimes You Just Can't Win (2:23)
5. Six Days On The Road (2:50)
6. Orange Blossom Special (5:25)
7. Cumberland Gap (2:14)
8. Footprints In The Snow (3:10)
9. May You Never Be Alone Like Me (3:52) (with Tut Taylor)
10. Cry Cry Darling (3:22) (with Tut Taylor)
11. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms (2:20)
12. Please Be My Love (3:04) (with The Spencers)
13. I Dreamed My Baby Came Home (3:00) (with The Spencers)
14. Tennessee Waltz (4:18)
15. White Lightning (3:08)
16. Jimmy Brown, The News Boy (4:55)
17. Release Me (3:50)
18. Sally Goodin (4:46)
19. Goodnight Irene (2:47)

Front Cover Included

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Kilby said...

Many thanks for this, Rockingbyrd. Have not yet had the chance to listen to it, but it does look interesting.

Mister Bill 593 said...

Dear Rockingbyrd:

I am truly sorry you will be removing your blog. I would have participated more often, but I live in a very rural area with only very poor dialup internet which always makes it difficult for me to download anything large. I've always had to go into town to do anything heavy on the internet. I want to express my personal thanks for all the many hours of great music you have shared. I would have participated more if I had been able to!

I hope that you will consider posting the joint Byrds-Flying Burrito Brothers concert from 1969 as one of your last two posts. That is one that I would really like to have!

Anyway, thanks again for all you have done for us Byrds fans!

Sincerely, MisterBill593