Monday, December 6, 2010

Chris Hillman - The Liberty Flyer Radio Show (1984)

Chris Hillman – The Liberty Flyer Radio Show August 1984

The Liberty Flyer was a syndicated radio show. A Chris Hillman show from Asheville, North Carolina, was featured on the first broadcast, and radio discs were circulating for radio stations (Liberty Flyer Show 001). They are exceedingly rare - reportedly only 250 copies exist. Here it is for you.

This is a « ready for broadcast » LP, with no track splitting. There are 3 segments (= 3 files) per side; 6 segments in total. Next to interviews, the following songs are performed :

Morning Sky
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Running the Roadblocks
Panhandle Rag
God Loves His Children
Mr. Tambourine Man (incomplete)

Vinyl Rip – Label Scan Included

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Steve said...

You can tell it's Chris Hillman's birthday, what with all the Hillman uploads recently. I never knew this format existed (radio disks) but it sounds pretty clean for a 26-year-old recording. This one is mainly for bluegrass fans, and you have to wade through a little until you get to Chris Hillman's contributions. His band, of course, sounds really tight--as do most of Hillman's bands--and those who like his mid-80s music won't be disappointed with these 5 songs. As for the rarity of the recording, well, that's a little lost on me as I'm very much a part time fan of bluegrass and have lived in Peru for 30 years, which sort of breaks the cultural continuity with the US. One instrument that both bluegrass and Andean folk music have in common is the mandolin. I bet Chris could quickly learn to play El Condor Pasa if he wanted to! Thanks for your continuing surprises and rarities, R--B. Any Byrds concerts left to upload?

Rocking--Byrd said...

Thanks for this comment (and all your previous ones), Steve.

Yes, I have other uncirculated recordings and concerts by The Byrds, and some ultra-rare ones by Gene Clark, The Kentucky Colonels, Roger McGuinn and most other ex-Byrds.

rowanj said...

Cheers for this - I hadn't come across it before, but I remember being really thrilled by Chris's bluegrass period after MCH and still think Desert Rose and Morning Sky stand up there with any post -Byrd solo work by any of the members