Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gram Parsons (with Emmylou Harris) – A Song For You

Gram Parsons (with Emmylou Harris) – A Song For You

No label, no reference, country and date unknown

1. How Much I Lied (2:56)
2. The New Soft Shoe (3:43)
3. Ain't No Beatle Ain't No Rolling Stone (5:28)
4. Still Feeling Blue (3:00)
5. A Song For You (6:01)
6. How Can I Forget You (2:38)
7. Cry One More Time (1:49)
8. Streets Of Baltimore (4:03)
9. That's All It Took (2:53)
10. Somebody's Back In Town (2:03)
11. More And More (2:55)
12. Big Mouth Blues (3:28)
13. Kiss The Children (3:45)
14. Daddy's Fiddle (6:56)
15. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes (2:56)
16. Cold Cold Heart (5:21)
17. The New Soft Shoe (4:27)
18. Folsom Prison Blues (2:58)
19. Lovesick Blues (0:39)
20. We'll Sweep Out The Ashes (1:47)
21. Kentucky Moon (3:04)

Artwork Included (front, back)


Rocking--Byrd said...

david said...

Thanks, RB, this is pretty cool. Sounds like GP running through the songs to demo before the GP album. A lot of his phrasings aren't quite there as they were on the lp, although most of the arrangements seem close. I'm assuming that's Ric Gretch playing fiddle. Really good audio quality on this as well. Gotta give it a few more listens. Nice having some new GP to listen to. Thanks again !

Edwin Deas said...

You come through again out of the blue.

PS Keep them coming!

david said...

addendum to previous comment:
Looks like the material here is from the same source as what was on the "Cosmic American Music " cd that was out on the Magnum label some years back. According to Sid Griffin's liner notes, the material comes from 5 cassette tapes that were auctioned off at Christy's, along with some of GP's other possessions. They were recorded at various times and locations, prior to the recording of the GP album.

Kevin Lockley said...

Many thanks for this ! I have Cosmic American Music but I think the sound quality on this is
slightly better. I'm pretty sure Byron Berline is on some tracks.

James Kelly said...

Rocking--Byrd Been out of town for a few days....really nice surprise to come home to
Thank you so much.

Cheers, Jim

Anonymous said...

Thanks, for the Gram. Have a nice day. jimg.

dino said...

Fantastic stuff!
Thanks a million!!!