Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roger McGuinn – Ashbury Park 1988

Roger McGuinn – Ashbury Park 1988

Not certain about the date and place.

1. My Back Pages (2:43)
2. Don't You Write Her Off (2:46)
3. Ballad Of Easy Rider / Wasn't Born To Follow (3:32)
4. It's All Right, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (2:30)
5. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (1:59)
6. Sunshine Love (2:43)
7. Tiffany Queen II (2:18)
8. Mr Tambourine Man (2:34)
9. Turn Turn Turn (3:23)
10. Eight Miles High (4:06)

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Rocking--Byrd said...

david said...

thanks, as always

dino said...

Thanks a million!

Steve said...

Roger seems to make no bones about this concert being a Byrds oldies gig. The only non-Byrds song is Sunshine Love, which as far as I know (I do not have Byrds Parts 2) has not been recorded in the studio, and isn't really that great a song anyway. Personally, I like McGuinn best when he's accompanied, such as on his concerts with Gene Clark in the late 70s or with his various bands like the Headlights or Thunderbyrd. Granted, at 70+ years old he's no longer the rocker he once was, and can't compete with today's concerts so I suppose he's happy being an oldies act. It's just ironic that he doesn't want to re-form the Byrds with Crosby and Hillman because he wants the Byrds to be a nice memory, yet basically what he wants is to be the main source of this memory. In this concert, it's all Byrds songs. He does them well, but despite the density of the electric 12-string there's something missing--mainly, the other Byrds. I wondered if he got tired of doing the same old songs all the time, but I guess by now he isn't tired of doing them, and this is how he wants to be remembered. T]hat's why I can listen to recent David Crosby or any Gene Clark and not get tired of them--Crosby continues to make new, interesting music, while Clark's repertoire is vast. I'd rather hear the original versions of the songs here than the stripped-down version McGuinn offers, but that's a matter of taste. I'm glad Roger is healthy and still going at it, and I wish him continuing success as the keeper of the flame. Thanks R--B for your continuing effort to provide us with concerts most of us have never heard before.

david said...

well said ,Steve. I find a bit of hypocrisy in McGuinn's attitude towards the Byrds; he wants nothing to do with the other guys, yet lives off of the band's reputation. I personally find his solo gigs to be much of the same, whereas Crosby still ( and Hillman to a point ), continue to make interesting new music. We miss Gene Clark more than ever.

paolo said...

Yes! I agree completely with these opinions!