Friday, January 10, 2014

The Byrds 1987 – Melody Fair 1987

The Byrds 1987 – Melody Fair 1987

Classic Superfest, Melody Fair, North Tanawanda, NY - August 12, 1987

Gene Clark (guitar, vocals)
John York (guitar, vocals)
Billy Darnell (guitar, vocals)
Greg Thomas (drums)
Michael Curtis (bass, vocals)

1. Rehearsals (6:30)
2. Chimes Of Freedom (4:24)
3. Mr Tambourine Man (2:09)
4. Eight Miles High (5:17)
5. Set You Free This Time (5:07)
6. Band Introduction (0:44)
7. Turn Turn Turn (4:09)

Artwork by YouAre Included (adapted by Rocking-Byrd)

A Barn Session – CTM Production


Rocking--Byrd said...

dino said...

I had been waiting for this!
Thank you so much Rocking Byrd

david said...

thanks RB; anything with Gene Clark is appreciated. now if the Estate would only get their shit together....

Steve said...

Good little concert. John York's high harmonies sound much better than they did when he was with the Byrds, where he often sounds strident. The percussion is more power-driven than the originals, and the 12-string is good enough to suggest McGuinn without trying to imitate him. This is more what a tribute band should sound like. Thanks.