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Gene Clark & The Byrds Tribute – Uncle Sam’s, Niagara Falls 1985

Gene Clark & The Byrds Tribute – Uncle Sam’s, Niagara Falls 1985

Uncle Sam’s, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada – November 17th, 1985

Gene Clark
Michael Clarke
John York
Rick Roberts
Blondie Chaplin
Carlos Bernal

Name between parentheses = lead vocalist

1. 5D (John York) (3:52)
2. Strange Way (Rick Roberts) (4:23)
3. Just Remember I Love You (Rick Roberts) (5:13)
4. Can't Find My Way Home (Blondie Chaplin) (5:04)
5. Every Night And Every Day (Blondie Chaplin) (6:33)
6. Silver Raven (Gene Clark) (7:41)
7. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (Gene Clark) (4:23)
8. Chimes Of Freedom (Gene Clark) (4:11)
9. Full Circle (Gene Clark) (3:58)
10. Mr. Tambourine Man (Gene Clark) (5:12)
11. Band Introduction (Gene Clark) (0:30)
12. Sail On Sailor (Blondie Chaplin) (4:13)
13. Mr. Spaceman (John York) (3:11)
14. Colorado (Rick Roberts) (5:42)
15. Mexico (Rick Roberts) (4:59)
16. My Back Pages (Gene Clark) (4:04)
17. Set You Free This Time (Gene Clark) (4:39)
18. Back Stage Pass (Gene Clark) (5:50)
19. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (Gene Clark) (3:56)
20. Eight Miles High (Gene Clark) (12:24)
21. Turn Turn Turn (Gene Clark) (4:03)
22. Shake Your Ass (Blondie Chaplin) (6:12)

Artwork Included

A CTM Barn Sessions Production – Many thanks to them and to our faithful visitor for providing the files

Audio levels and balance adjusted by Rocking-Byrd


Rocking--Byrd said...

Riley said...

Awesome! Thanks to everyone involved. Especially you Rocking-Byrd!

Rufus said...

I totally agree, what a nice way to spend a Friday, even though it is hot as blazes here. Thanks for making this available to all of us. "Set You Free This Time" is one of my favorite songs and really stood out. I will need to listen through the show a number of times. Nice job on the adjustments.

david said...

Thank you for this great show, and to the provider. We can never get enough of Gene Clark, especially when the band includes Michael Clarke as well. The balls !!!! Too bad some more mid 70's stuff doesn't surface, but....
Thanks again.
ps no need to publish earlier comment I sent it. I don't know why, but my computer ( anti-virus ) is having a problem with freakshare, for some reason.

dino said...

I'll have to say it again (and again and again...):