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Roger McGuinn - Orpheum Theater, Boston 1973

Roger McGuinn – Boston 1973

"The Adventures of Roger McGuinn"

Orpheum Theater, Boston - September 23, 1973

Roger McGuinn (guitar,vocals)
David Vaught (bass)
Mike Wofford (keyboards)
John Guerin (drums)

Recorded during the first Roger McGuinn tour with a band after the Byrds disbanded.

Audience recording - not the best audio, but upped due the
rarity of shows from this tour and that has never been circulated.

1. Get To You (3:41)
2. Hanoi Hannah (3:29)
3. Tiffany Queen (3:00)
4. Bag Full Of Money (3:50)
5. Lost My Drivin' Wheel (4:04)
6. Tuning (1:32)
7. I'm So Restless (2:49)
8. Draggin' (3:34)
9. M'linda (3:30)
10. Same Old Sound (2:27)
11. Chesnut Mare (5:25)

Artwork Included

Concert recorded and files provided by David. Many thanks to him.

Files re-joined, de-clicked, re-balanced, re-levelled by Rocking-Byrd.


Rocking--Byrd said...
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Steve said...

A very interesting concert, with McGuinn trying out different arrangements of songs from his first album, for the most part, with one from the second solo album and only 3 Byrds songs. I liked his first solo album a lot, and it's a pleasant surprise to hear some different arrangements on songs such as Hanoi Hannah and M'linda, plus a very different version of Get to You. I have downloaded quite a few Roger McGuinn concerts but this one is the most unusual due to the playlist and the attempt to make the same old sound sound different. I feel McGuinn had a particularly creative period after the Byrds disbanded and deserved better commercial success than he got. To me, McGuinn sounds better with a band behind him--or at least he did then (I saw him with the band from his 3rd solo album and it was an exciting concert). He seemed interested in exploring new directions as well, at least at first. This concert highlights that period and is a pleasure to listen to. Thanks to both David and R--B for sharing this rare recording.

Rocking--Byrd said...
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Rocking--Byrd said...

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