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Gene Clark & The Byrds Tribute – Boston 1985

Gene Clark & The Byrds Tribute – Boston 1985

20th Anniversary Tribute To The Byrds

The Channel, Boston, Ma. USA – February 17, 1985

Gene Clark, Michael Clarke, John York, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Rick Roberts, Jim Goodall, Greg Harris, Blondie Chaplin, Rick Danko

Audience Recording

1. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (2:42)
2. Set You Free This Time (4:45)
3. Chimes Of Freedom (5:02)
4. Full Circle (5:10)
5. Sail On Sailor (3:41)
6. Mr Tambourine Man (5:50)
7. My Back Pages (3:23)
8. Band Introdution (1:01)
9. You Ain't Going Nowhere (3:59)
10. Eight Miles High (5:00)
11. Turn Turn Turn (4:20)

Artwork Included


Rocking--Byrd said...
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david said...

I've got photos from the show if you'd like one for the artwork.

Rocking--Byrd said...

Hi David, yes I'd like some pics from the actual show.

Steve said...

I know this Byrd tribute band, featuring two originals and one hired hand, plus players from other B-groups (Beach Boys, Band, Burritos, was controversial and caused bad relations with the other three originals, but that doesn't interest me. Rather, I'd like to comment on John York. Hired to replace Chris Hillman on bass and high harmony, he was pushed out after two albums for wanting the band to take a new direction (letting him sing more in the process). His bass playing was good, but his high harmony a little too strident, and certainly not as pure as Crosby's. It didn't seem to go well with McGuinn's voice. In this concert, he plays 12-string (no one will mistake him for McGuinn) and does high harmony with Gene. The blend is much better. I particularly like the arrangement of My Back Pages, where York harmonizes with Clark on the lead parts. I wonder if this version could have done better than the Byrds' version; in any case, it is one of this band's better songs. York's harmony sounds good on the other songs as well--again, it blends in well with Clark's, just as Clark's voice blended well with McGuinn's in the first two albums. The setlist has 5 Byrds songs Gene played/sang on, 4 on which he didn't, and one Beach Boys song. I like Sail On Sailor but this is a Byrds tribute band. Gene is in good form--you can tell he misses the Byrds--and Michael Clarke sounds pretty good as well. Strangely enough, to me the band doesn't really sound much like the Byrds, at least instrumentally. York can't handle McGuinn's leads, apparently, and so the 12-string doesn't have a dominant position. The sound quality is okay, and the recording includes the observations of some inarticulate genius in the audience from time to time. An enjoyable concert, with good performances but surprisingly little comment about the Byrds in between songs. Thanks for this post, R--B.

david said...

be glad to send you some. How to I contact you? I canupload them or send you prints. I also have photos of Gene from the 89 vienna show.

Sha said...

Nice show! I particularly like how Rick belts out his verse in true Danko style on 'You Ain't Going Nowhere':-)

Doug said...

Any chance of a repost? I missed it when originally put up and appareantly the file no longer exists.

Greatly appreciat this new wave of shows--thanks very much!

Rocking--Byrd said...
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Doug said...

Many thanks for the repost. I truly do appreciate it, and all that you do for us!

Rocking--Byrd said...

New link 2012-07-25

Uwe Rayer said...

Hi David,

Hope you read this sometime and and please feel free to reply.
No offense (also not towards RockingB) and sorry if we violate the rules of politeness but it is made from innoncence it would be awsome if you can share the pictures.
Please do as you like you can contact us by email or a short reply in this comment.
Anyhow thank you is massive.

Stay well, best regards,

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