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Chris Hillman - Paul's Mall, Boston 1976

Chris Hillman - Paul's Mall, Boston, MA

Paul’s Mall, Boston, Ma – May 13, 1976 (both sets)

Chris Hillman: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Richard Marx: guitar, vocals
John Brennan: lead guitar
Al Stahely: bass
Merel Bregante: drums
Jeff Dupont: organ

Audience Master Recording

First Set

1. Intro (0:35)
2. Lazy Days (3:00)
3. Follow Me Through (4:24)
4. Hot Burrito #2 (3:41)
5. Bound To Fall (3:17)
6. It Doesn't Matter (3:36)
7. Slippin' Away (4:09)
8. Fallen Eagle (2:33)
9. Sin City (3:25)
10. Take Me In Your Lifeboat (3:25)
11. Christine's Tune (3:57)
12. Step On Out (3:19)
13. Down In The Churchyard (3:32)
14. Heavenly Fire (3:19)
15. Midnight Again (5:03)
16. Six Days On The Road (2:55)
17. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (2:42)

Second Set

1. Follow Me Through (4:08)
2. Slippin Away (3:29)
3. Down In The Churchyard (3:29)
4. Bound To Fall (2:56)
5. It Doesn't Matter (4:58)
6. High Fashion Queen (4:24)
7. Fallen Eagle (2:12)
8. Wheels (4:09)
9. Take Me In Your Lifeboat (4:22)
10. Amnesty (3:26)
11. Witching Hour (4:29)
12. Midnight Again (5:13)
13. Mystery Train (4:05)
14. Six Days On The Road (3:27)

Artwork Included

Concert recorded and files provided by David – many thanks to him.

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Rocking--Byrd said...
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Steve said...

Chris Hillman is a fine member of a band, but as a solo artist I don't think he can carry a whole show. His voice isn't very strong, and the songs he performs here aren't, for the most part, what you would call classics.--FBB, Manassas and SH&F and only one Byrds song. His late 70s production is by and large rather ordinary to me, even on the MCH albums, where almost half the songs are his or sung by him. This concert features a competent band which switches from country rock to bluegrass without problems and provide some good harmony vocals as well. Both sets are professional and enjoyable, though not especially memorable. Hillman fans should like this, while others who remember his work with the Byrds and subsequent groups will find a lot to enjoy. Thanks to Dave and R--B for all these recent uploads.

Rocking--Byrd said...

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