Friday, August 22, 2014

Gene Clark And The Firebyrds – Mystery Show 1988

Gene Clark And The Firebyrds – Mystery Show 1988

Unknown date and place – your help needed

Gene Clark (guitar, vocals)
John York (guitar, vocals)
Billy Darnell (guitar, vocals)
Michael Curtis (bass, vocals)
Greg Thomas (drums)

Note: the only known performance by Gene Clark and his bunch of Byrds, of Bob Dylan’s “Man Gave Names To All The Animals”.

1. Set You Free This Time (5:42)
2. Christine (3:33)
3. Mr. Spaceman (3:11)
4. Backstage Pass (5:23)
5. Band Intro (0:48)
6. She Darked The Sun (4:09)
7. Chimes Of Freedom (4:20)
8. Man Gave Names To All The Animals (8:24)
9. Mary Sue (5:01)
10. Why You Have Been Gone So Long (cut) (3:00)

Artwork by Rocking-Byrd included.

Audio levels and balance adjusted by Rocking-Byrd.

Many thanks to YouAre for providing the original files.


Rocking--Byrd said...

Rufus said...

Thanks to YouAre for providing the original files and to Rocking-Byrd for sharing this mystery recording of Gene Clark with all of us.

I did some searches and found only one reference to Gene and the Bob Dylan song. It was in a message on Jan 5, 2007 from

I have an absolutely smoking rendition of "Backstage Pass" recorded live by Gene's Byrds band circa 1989 at the Palomino (same night they did "Man Gave Names To All The Animals")

david said...

thank you for another fine Gene Clark show. Can never get enough of Gene. hopefully, a date and venue will emerge.

ziggi said...

Very nice sounding show. According to the book Mr. Tamborine Man, this lineup could be anytime from late 87 to 90. It seems to me that the last track sounds different than the others. Either it is a rehearsal or from another show. I also hear a mandalin in it. Nice version of Mary Sue.

Steve said...

An interesting concert, with some fine performances, especially that odd Dylan song, Man Gave Names to the Animals. John York has the McGuinn vocal role here and they all join in on Man Gave Names. Were they called the Firebyrds at this point? Or was it still a tribute band? Doesn't seem like one. Gene is generous here and lets York do some vocals. When York was in the Byrds he had the most leqads after McGuinn, something that is not reflected in the albums. He has a voice which complements Gene's. The song selection is adequate but not outstanding. I've always liked Mary Sue and enjoyed this version. I'm a Gene Clark fan, but his melancholy voice is best enjoyed in relatively small doses. What if he had stayed in the Byrds? His last contribution was 8 Miles High, which is for many (myself included) their best song. Gene was a prolific writer in his somewhat short career, and sorely unappreciated. He left us with quite a catalogue, and these old live performances enhance it even more. Thanks for the continuing thrill.