Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Desert Rose Band – Live From The Desert

The Desert Rose Band – Live From The Desert

A compilation of Radio, TV and Concert performances.

Details on artwork.

Disc 1

1. Story Of Love (2:27)
2. Start All Over Again (4:42)
3. Darkness On The Playground (5:06)
4. Missing You (3:42)
5. Everybody's Hero (3:26)
6. The Price I Pay (3:06)
7. Love Reunited (2:46)
8. One Step Forward (3:52)
9. Ashes Of Love (3:44)
10. I Don't Wanna Leave This Town (3:05)
11. Glass House (3:12)
12. He's Back And I'm Blue (3:26)
13. Time Between (2:11)
14. Why You Been Gone So Long (3:29)
15. One Step Forward (3:19)
16. Love Reunited (2:48)
17. Time Between (2:13)
18. He's Back And I'm Blue (3:32)
19. Hello Trouble (2:07)
20. Ashes Of Love (3:04)
21. The Price I Pay (4:02)

Disc 2

1. It Takes A Believer (3:19)
2. You Can Go Home (3:48)
3. No One Else (3:10)
4. Twilight Is Gone (3:45)
5. Behind These Walls (3:18)
6. Matter Of Time (3:26)
7. Second Wind (3:06)
8. For The Rich Men (5:19)
9. Walk On By (3:20)
10. Hold On (4:41)
11. Twilight Is Gone (4:02)
12. That's Not The Way (4:28)
13. Livin' In The Name Of Love (2:06)
14. River Of Joy (2:24)
15. Rank Stranger (5:00)
16. I'll Be No Stranger There (2:51)
17. Knockin' At My Door (3:06)
18. White Dove (4:44)
19. Band Intro + Take Me In My Lifeboat (4:03)
20. I Am A Pilgrim (4:39)
21. She Don't Love Nobody (alternate version)(2:48)

Artwork Included


Rocking--Byrd said...
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Steve said...

Chris Hillman doesn't usually inspire many comments in this blog, though I don't know why. Although he's not my favorite ex-Byrd, he has made some good music over the years. I own one cd of his--Like a Hurricane, and to me it's the best he's done, at least from what I've heard. This upload is a selection of live performances, and they certainly sound very professional. There's a mixture of country styles with some fine playing, adequate singing and good harmonies, plus many pleasant songs. I think you have to be an alt-country fan to fully appreciate this music--I'm not especially fond of country music myself, so the enjoyment pales after 21 songs. But it's interesting to me nonetheless, and I like this music better than his music in the 1970s (except for Manassas). And there's a certain stylistic continuity which eventually led to Like a Hurricane, which has more variety. I'm curious as to what other downloaders of this set of concerts think about this music and Chris Hillman in general.

david said...

Thanks for the download. I have a lot of these I taped on VHS when they were on TV; most of them from a show called "Nashville Now", hosted by Ralph Emery ( yes, THAT Ralph Emery ). He always was very gracious to the DRB.
To answer Steve's comments; I really liked the DRB in the beginning, the first couple lps were really good, and then they changed a bit, and were somewhat less interesting. If you don't like country, you probably won't be that interested, although the last couple DRB lps with the original band tended to be more rockier, and less country. Myself, I've always found Hillman's stuff interesting and high quality, be it country, bluegrass, or whatever. Not on the quality and interest level of Gene Clark,( or David Crosby, for that matter ), but at least he never turned into an oldies act like McGuinn did. Just my humble opinion.

dino said...

Thanks a lot to everybody putting their time/efforts together for all the infos about these shows.

Rocking--Byrd said...
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Edwin Deas said...

Hi R-B

Please upload this one again.

Rocking--Byrd said...

New links 2017-01-27

Disc 1:

Disc 2 + Artwork:

Edwin Deas said...

Very Good