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Various Artists – California Acid Folk

Various Artists – California Acid Folk

Penguin Records EGG ELEVEN/TWELVE (USA 1985)

Dates and places on back cover

Disc One – Side A – The Byrds (Live Sweden Radio 1967)

1. Intro by Roger McGuinn - Hey Joe - Comments by David Crosby (2:52)
2. Intro by Roger McGuinn - My Back Pages - Comments by Roger McGuinn (3:34)
3. Intro by Chris Hillman - Mr Tambourine Man - Comments by David Crosby (2:26)
4. Intro by Roger McGuinn & David Crosby - He Was A Friend Of Mine (3:01)
5. Intro by Roger McGuinn - So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star - Comments by Roger McGuinn (3:06)
6. Intro by David Crosby - Roll Over Beethoven - Outro (2:50)

Disc One – Side B – Country Weather (Demos)

7. Time Is Leaving Me Behind (3:24)
8. New York City Blues (4:07)
9. Carry A Spare (4:30)
10. Fly To New York (6:03)

Disc Two – Side A – Kaleidoscope (Live Berkeley 1967)

11. Oh Death (5:42)
12. Taxim (7:38)
13. Egyptian Gardens (4:41)

Disc Two – Side B

14. The Factory - No Place I'd Rather Be (2:26)
15. The Factory - Smile, Let Your Life Begin (2:21)
16. The Mystery Trend - Johnny Was A Good Boy (2:34)
17. Dino Valenti - Birdses (2:33)
18. The International Submarine Band - Sum Up Broke (2:13)
19. The Misfits - The Uncle Willie (2:14)
20. The Vibra-Sonics - Thunder Storm (2:54)
21. The American Four - Luci Baines (2:30)

Vinyl Rip - Artwork Included (front, back) (labels are blank with just “Side A” and “Side B” printed on them)


Rocking--Byrd said...

Steve said...

This makes two original Byrds live performances within a month. And contrary to critical perception, they aren't bad at all. The main criticism I have is that in the Gathering of Tribes recordings they tend to play the songs a little too fast, although in the Sweden radio concert they are quite tight. considering they rarely rehearsed to any great extent. I can't help comparing these songs with the later Byrds versions, and the results are mixed. Mr Tambourine Man is definitely better than the later Byrds' versions--much less busy and accenting the 12-string and the harmonies. Rock and Roll Star comes out better as well--much more energy than the White-Parsons-Battin version, which was somewhat slower and with weaker harmonies. He Was a Friend of Mine also comes across better, due to the better harmonies. Roll Over Beethoven came across better in the latter Byrds' versions, mainly because of better instrumentals. The other songs, not played by the later Byrds, sound decent enough live, which is not surprising. After all, the album versions are quite professional, and that is due to the the talents of the musicians as well as to the hand of the producers. What is clear is that Michael Clarke needed more practice as a drummer--he is the weakest link in these recordings. Crosby's rhythm guitar is also a bit simple at times, though I like his chunky playing on the albuyms. McGuinn is generally good, but rather sloppy on Roll Over Beethoven. All in all, I enjoyed hearing these rare live cuts from the orinial Byrds. What they would have done later on is pure speculation, though I doubt they would have been able to reach the heights of the later Byrds at their best, lacking a musician of the level of Clarence White. Thanks for these rare recordings, R--B. Too bad there aren't many more of these.

Doug said...

Thanks much. Had not seen this collection anywhere before, so looking forward to listening.

Anonymous said...

Far Out and Geoovy man. This si so Rad a Bitchen it blew my mind in a bottle,of beer