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John York - Claremont Folk Festival – March 23, 1999

John York - Claremont Folk Festival – March 23, 1999

(with Patrick Brayer)

Note: this concert has been posted here earlier (2009). By request, this version has higher bitrate and tags and artwork added.

1. Lady On The Highway (3:44)
2. Oh My Children (4:50)
3. My Back Pages (4:23)
4. Rubiah (4:52)
5. Heartache Suzanne (4:58)
6. Like A Rainbow (5:11)
7. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (5:08)
8. Daddy's Gonna Pick Her Man (6:30)
9. My Lai (8:21)
10. Set You Free This Time (5:30)
11. Money Like Rain (7:39)
12. Half-Breeds Are The Hope Of The World (7:30)
13. Unknown Instrumental (2:04)
14. Jealous Gun (5:31)
15. Turn Turn Turn (4:27)

Artwork Included

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Rocking--Byrd said...
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Steve said...

First time I've heard this, and it's pretty good. York's voice would have gone well with the later Byrds if he'd have stayed on, and his songwriting might have been more appropriate for the group than Skip Battin's (although all we have is Fido--not exactly a masterpiece). The selection of songs is good, with a few Byrds songs and others, many presumably by York (don't know which ones). Patrick Brayer's accompaniment adds much to the performances, though York plays guitar pretty well himself. Despite being a member of the Byrds, York never really made a mark musically, but he was a talented musician who deserves a little more appreciation. The sound quality is very good. I'm probably the only one who will comment on this concert, so thanks R--B for providing it.

dino said...

I dare to say you are in (good) company, as this concert is definitely good and anyway it's always interesting to have another piece of the past available thanks to ROCKING BYRD!

Rocking--Byrd said...
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Rocking--Byrd said...

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