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The White Brothers - Ash Grove – April 2nd, 1967

The White Brothers - Ash Grove – April 2nd, 1967

The Ash Grove, West Hollywood, California – April 2nd, 1967

Clarence White - lead guitar, vocals
Roland White - mandolin, vocals
Eric White, Jr. - string bass, vocals
Dennis Morris - rhythm guitar, vocals
Bob Warford - five-string banjo, vocals

Soundboard Recording

1. Jimmy's Barnyard Shuffle (incomplete) (0:29)
2. Soldier's Joy (3:40)
3. Alabama Jubilee (4:41)
4. Used To Be (3:16)
5. In Despair (2:41)
6. Rawhide (3:36)
7. Handsome Molly (2:36)
8. Sally Goodin' (7:28)

Artwork Included


Rocking--Byrd said...
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david said...

thanks for more Clarence

dino said...

Thans a world!

Doug said...

Thank you!

doc said...

Great sound quality - Clarence was on the top of his form here, playing some pretty wild solos on Used to Be and In Despair. Is this the first outing for New Soldier's Joy? They say they've only been working on it for a week. What were traditional Bluegrass fans thinking when they heard all this rock-influenced guitar playing...

Aubrunner said...

Thanks, great!! More Clarence!

Rocking--Byrd said...

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