Saturday, February 15, 2014

David Crosby – An Evening With David Crosby - Vienna 2014

David Crosby – An Evening With David Crosby

The Barns At Wolfs Trap, Vienna, VA – February 6, 2014

David Crosby (guitar, vocals)
James Raymond (keyboards, vocals)
Marcus Eaton (guitar, vocals))
Shane Fontayne (guitar, vocals)
Steve DiStanislao (drums, percussions)
Kevin McCormick (bass)

Disc 1

1. What's Broken (4:51)
2. Time I Have (4:32)
3. Holding On To Nothing (4:32)
4. The Clearing (4:09)
5. Radio (4:34)
6. Slice Of Time (4:36)
7. Set That Baggage Down (4:39)
8. If She Called (6:15)
9. Dangerous Night (6:26)
10. Morning Falling (6:48)
11. Find A Heart (5:53)
12. Eight Miles High (5:05)

Disc 2

1. Turn Turn Turn (5:46)
2. Where Will I Be (1:03)
3. Page 43 (5:20)
4. Naked In The Rain (3:49)
5. That House (6:34)
6. Bittersweet (6:32)
7. Guinnevere (7:07)
8. Déjà Vu (16:31)
Long Time Gone (6:55)

Artwork Included


Rocking--Byrd said...
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david said...

thank you. always nice to see the Croz in good form.

david said...

what a great show ! Highly recommended to all. Croz is in great form, fantastic band and nice choice of material. thanks again for this one, RB.

Doug said...

Many thanks for this!

dino said...

I have read that many dates of his last tour promoting his latest CD were sold out. Any chance you might come up with some of them?
Thanks a lot RB!

Rocking--Byrd said...

This is one of them.

Bill Martin said...

What a divine show !!!!. Thank you so much. Davis sounds great

dino said...

Regarding the - DIVINE - David Crosby concert you - DIVINELY - posted here, I meant " might come up with some ADDITIONAL recording of different shows of the same tour promoting CROZ...".
Thank you always for your fantastic labor of love!

pholkiephred said...

Lost this, could you please re up?

Rocking--Byrd said...

New links 2016-10-24

Disc 1

Disc 2 + Artwork