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Gene Clark and The Firebyrds – Live At The Rocking Horse Café 1985 (with soundcheck)

Gene Clark and The Firebyrds – Live At The Rocking Horse Café 1985

The Rocking Horse Café, Hartford, Connecticut – January 13th, 1985

Gene Clark (guitar, harmonica, vocals)
Michael Clarke (drums)
Mike Hardwick (pedal steel guitar)
Paul Nigro (saxophone)
Jack Carchio (lead guitar)
Burt ??? (rhythm guitar)
Tom Reinhardt (?) (bass)


Al Bershaw writes:

« Gene and Mike were traveling on this 'tour' with pedal steel player Mike Hardwick only. They were literally throwing together bands when possible by just partying with local musicians and 'winging' it, so to speak. On this date, I assisted them in putting together this band, and rehearsals were done in my basement.
Other personnel on this date were friends from various local bands that jumped at the chance to play with Gene. The Firebyrds on this gig were: Jack Carchio - lead electric guitar (from the band China Doll), Burt ???? - rhythm electric guitar (from Linda & The Loveletters), Tom ??? - bass (from Haiku), Paul Nigro - sax (from Mr Big - he was a very respected and talented Connecticut musician. Sadly, he committed suicide a week or two after this gig. This was his last public performance), Gene Clark - vocals & acoustic guitar, Mike Clarke - drums, Mike Hardwick - pedal steel guitar ».
1. You Showed Me (5:40)
2. Dixie Flyer (3:09)
3. Vanessa (4:54)
4. One Hundred Years From Now (3:03)
5. You're Gonna Miss Somebody (2:26)
6. Ain't Livin' Long Like This (2:58)
7. Hot Burrito #1 (3:30)
8. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (0:52)
Eight Miles High (1:16)

Set 1
1. Fair And Tender Ladies (5:21)
2. Tried So Hard (3:23)
3. Gypsy Rider (4:48)
4. Silver Raven (4:57)
5. She Darked The Sun (4:14)
6. Rodeo Rider (4:54)
7. Kansas City Southern (5:44)
8. Full Circle (3:51)
9. Train Leaves Here This Morning (4:59)
10. Rain Song (6:03)
11. Mr Tambourine Man (5:38)
12. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (3:10)

Set 2
1. Here Without You (4:45)
2. She Don't Care About Time (3:56)
3. Set You Free This Time (3:43)
4. You Showed Me (3:57)
5. Dixie Flyer (5:12)
6. Vanessa (8:37)
7. One Hundred Years From Now (4:58)
8. You're Gonna Miss That Somebody (4:40)
9. Ain't Living Long Like This (7:14)
10. Hot Burrito #1 (6:59)
11. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (14:58)
Eight Miles High (8:50)

Artwork Included


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