Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Byrds - Fillmore East, New York - May 18, 1968

The Byrds – Fillmore East 1968

The Fillmore East, Manhattan, New York - May 15, 1968

Roger McGuinn (guitars, vocals)
Chris Hillman (bass, vocals)
Kevin Kelley (drums)
Gram Parsons (guitar, keyboard, vocals)
Doug Dillard (banjo)

This is an hitherto unavailable recording – another Rockingbyrd exclusive!!!

1. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (2:03)
2. Chimes Of Freedom (3:25)
3. You Ain't Going Nowhere (2:53)
4. Satisfied Mind (3:18)
5. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (2:24)
6. My Back Pages - B.J. Blues - Baby What You Want Me To Do (5:36)
7. Hickory Wind (4:45)
8. One Hundred Years From Now (2:27)
9. You Don't Miss Your Water (4:57)
10. Foggy Mountain Breakdown (1:31)
11. Pretty Boy Floyd (3:03)
12. Eight Miles High (3:56)
13. Mr. Tambourine Man (1:53)
14. Turn Turn Turn (2:38)
15. Goin' Back (2:55)
Hey Joe (2:21)

Artwork Included

Update: I had to remove the link, because, unfortunately, my original source for this recording strongly opposes and objects to making it available to the world. Don't blame me; I'm as disappointed as you are.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing the link somewhere? This looks great, I hope it is for real and not a late April Fools joke.

david said...
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Willie R. said...

Wow! This looks like a real find! I wonder how the sound quality compares to the other couple of recordings that exist by this particular line-up? Can't wait for the link! Thanks, by the way, for all of the terrific music that winds up here, Rocking--Byrd. I don't comment on everything that I listen to but I really do appreciate your efforts and the opportunity to hear things that all of us "byrds of a feather" have an ear for!

Kilby said...

Certainly looks interesting, but without the link we will never know....

david said...
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Anonymous said...

good thing all the generous collectors who shared tapes and contributed to this and other Byrds sites don't feel the same as this fellow. what a shame; looks like a great show from an unrepresented Byrds period.

david said...

too bad the source has decided not to let you share this. looks fascinating ! maybe he will , hopefully, have a change of mind at some point, as there's so little Parsons-Kelly Byrds stuff available.
keep up the great work.

The Saurus said...

Such a shame. Maybe one day soon...?

Anonymous said...

What a shame, is right. This looks like an incredible set. To blog followers, I recommend the Byrds' set at the Piper Club in Rome, also on this Rocking-Byrd site, featuring the same line up in a truncated version of the same set. To Rocking-Byrd, thank you for posting such great stuff.