Thursday, January 20, 2011

Uncirculated Byrds concert

Just when we decided to pull the plug, an uncirculated Byrds concert (from October 29, 1972) surfaced 2 days ago. Here it is as a "farewell" post.

The Byrds - Live at Dean Junior College

Franklin, Masachusettts – October 29, 1972

Roger McGuinn, Clarence White, Skip Battin, John Guerin

The only circulating complete concert with John Guerin on drums.

1. Lover Of The Bayou
2. Buglar
3. Americas Greatest Past-time
4. Chimes OF Freedom
5. I Wanna Gorow Up to Be a Poilitician
6. My Back Pages (Medley)
7. Black Mountain Rag
8. Mister Tambourine Man
9. Take A Whiff
10. So You Want To Be a Rock N Roll Star
11. Mister Spaceman
12. Chestnut Mare
13. Jesus Is Just Allright
14. Eight Miles High
15. Hold It
16. Roll Over Beethoven

Artwork Included (with wrong lineup)

New Link 2012-07-29


Steve said...

I was unable to download this concert using the link provided by the Byrdmaniax list, and was pleased to see that you had uploaded it for us old faithfuls that keep checking your lists for anything we might have forgotten. You are a very generous guy/gal, whoever you are, to provide one more concert before you go, plus all these restored links, a couple of which I've used myself. This is a fascinating concert due to the presence of John Guerin and the absence of Gene Parsons. Guerin never quite fit into the Byrds sound, and Gene Parsons' dismissal meant not only the loss of a drummer the band was used to but also the major harmony singer for the group. But Clarence White shines in this concert, and Skip Battin, the next to go, played pretty well, considering he had not yet jelled with the new drummer. Thanks for this final gift, Rockingbyrd, and once again my heartfelt thanks for all the fine music you have so selflessly provided.

kilby said...

Thanks again Rockingbyrd - much appreciated.