Monday, December 20, 2010

Gene Clark And The Firebyrds - Cambridge, MA 1984


Gene Clark and The Firebyrds – Cambridge 1984

Jack’s, Cambridge, Massachusetts – February 1st, 1984

Gene Clark (guitar, harmonica, vocals)
Michael Clarke (drums)
Matt Andes (guitar, vocals)
Peter Oliva (bass, vocals)
Mike Hardwick (keyboards, vocals)

Audience Recording

1. In The Pines (3:52)
2. Silver Raven (6:05)
3. She Darked The Sun (4:18)
4. Kansas City Southern (4:39)
5. Train Leaves Here This Morning (5:10)
6. Mr Tambourine Man (6:30)
7. Gypsy Rider (4:52)
8. You're Gonna Miss That Somebody (3:48)
9. She Don't Care About Time (3:39)
10. Set You Free This Time (4:45)
11. Band Introduction + Tuning (2:16)
12. Full Circle (4:08)
13. Rodeo Rider (4:35)
14. Blue Raven (5:17)
15. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (4:04)
16. I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better (3:40)
17. Eight Miles High (6:12)
18. Ain't Living Long Like This (5:07)

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Rufus said...

Rockingbyrd, thanks for the early Christmas present! I was hoping that you would post another Gene Clark show before you go. I look forward to listening to the Firebyrds tonight when I get home from work. Thanks again for all you have shared with us Byrdmaniax.

DavidUK said...

Sorry you're leaving us but, I suppose, all good things must come to an end sometime.

Tried to download this one but got Not Found - Error 404 message?!?!?!

Andy Clare said...

Thanks, as always, for what looks like the last Gene show on your fantastic blog. Not the greatest sound quality maybe, but always wonderful to hear that voice. And 'Aint Living Long Like This' is a very welcomer inclusion. So thanks not just for this but for so much over the past few years. Your posts have brought me a huge amount of pleasure and given new insights into Gene and what a wonderful if tragic talent he was. You have also helped me reappraise MCH - who were clearly a far better combination live than in the studio. Some memorable gigs to be found here. And finally, many, many thanks for the Manassas shows that you have posted here. Your patience, perseverance and generosity is greatly appreciated. Very best wishes for what ever new ventures you are planning.

It's All Tunes To Me said...

I dropped my blog two years ago , after two takedowns and harrsment from haters and understand what type of work does go into these blogs . Any way of convincing you to up some David Crosby stuff before you go .

Steve said...

This was an interesting time in Gene Clark's attempt to resuscitate his career. Shortly afterwards he put together a Byrds tribute band which the other original Byrds did not appreciate. It seems to me that the Firebyrd album was a preparation for that, since it contained new versions of two Byrds songs (Mr Tambourine Man and I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better). This concert has several more, including Rock and Roll Star, which he did not sing on. But in general the emphasis is on Clark tunes (13 out of 17) and that's good news because Clark wrote so many fine songs that there's no excuse for a lot of covers. After listening to this concert the question arises: why didn't Gene Clark make it? Dillard and Clark's Train Leaves Here This Morning is far superior to the Eagles' version, but the Eagles made the money. He deserved better. Maybe the melancholic nature of his songs and his voice becomes too much for people after awhile--it's happened to me. Some of the gems on this concert are the old Byrds songs, especially 8 Miles High, which was after all his creation. It's amazing how many different interpretations of that song have been performed by McGuinn, Crosby, Hillman and Clark, pus the long jam sessions by the later Byrds. I like them all. As for the band, it does what it has to do, although it doesn't seem like there were many demands upon them. An interesting, enjoyable concert by a complex, interesting artist. Thanks once again, R--B.

Sha said...

Great to find one more post on my favourite singer-songwriter Gene Clark. You're blog has provided some great musical education for me over the years and brought lots of joy. Thanks a lot for that!

Uwe Rayer said...

RB, Can you please help me out. The guy on the right hand side on the pick must be Trace Harrill not mentioned in the line up. As always best regards from Amsterdam. Hope you find the possibility for an answer.
Sta well. Uwe