Monday, November 15, 2010

David Crosby - Portland 1982

David Crosby – Portland 1982

Euphoria Tavern, Portland, OR – March 12, 1982

1. talk (0:49)
2. In My Hands (7:08)
3. Naked In The Rain (5:40)
4. Carry Me (4:47)
5. Bittersweet (2:34)
6. Homeward Through The Haze (3:42)
7. Delta (3:39)
8. Guinnevere (4:45)
9. Déjà Vu (6:26)
10. Tuning (1:22)
11. Triad (5:54)
12. Low Down Payment (13:34)
13. Wooden Ships (3:14)

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Steve said...

Well, I followed the advice about clearing my cache before downloading this concert, and it seems to work, although the last song ends rather suddenly the download was successful. David Crosby often excites negative comments because of his outsized ego and his drug addiction, but I've always liked him as a musician. For me he was the creative spirit who pushed the Byrds into more experimental territory, and when he was fired they were never able to recover that cutting edge. I didn't particularly like the first CS&N album--it sounded rather bubble-gummy to me at the time. I liked the second album, but by then Crosby didn't seem to have much input into the group, and I Almost Cut My Hair is difficult to take seriously. I lost track of him in the 80s, and have only recently (thanks to this website) been able to hear what I had missed. This seemed like a weird concert at first, with Crosby somewhat put out by the audience not wanting to hear his 'soft' music. If so, bad audience--Crosby's soft, delicate music is a major part of his output. As usual, he sings and plays well. The band sounds good, too, and suggests the character of his later work with his son. I've always liked the jazzy orientation of many of Crosby's songs, and his constant re-arrangement of songs like Triad. While I don't find much of his stage banter very interesting, Crosby does put on a professional show, drugs or not. What is also evident from the playlist is that he does not want to play any of his Byrds songs. Lingering resentment, or just a part of his past he'd 'overcome'? When you get down to it, only McGuinn and Clark sang many Byrds songs in concert. Then again they started the group. Thanks for another quality Crosby concert, R--B.

It's All Tunes To Me said...

Crosby concerts are always a welcome treat

KurtGS said...

Please re-up.

Rocking--Byrd said...

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