Saturday, September 5, 2009

Byrds - Gambier OH 1972


Gambier, Ohio – February 11, 1972

Roger McGuinn
Clarence White
Skip Battin
Gene Parsons

Notes :

1) Nice story (if true) (thanks Christopher Hjort) « A member of the audience would later recall that the Byrds had somehow been separated from their instruments, so they put out a call to see if any student could help. In the end, McGuinn borrowed a Hagstrom 12-string, Battin ended up with a Fender bass and White had to play a standard guitar without his stringbender device. This did not stop the group from playing a fabulous show ».

2) This is the only concert we know of at which ‘Lost My Drivin’ Wheel’ was played. This song would later appear on Roger McGuinn’s first solo LP in 1973.

1. Lover Of The Bayou (3:28)
2. Buglar (3:22)
3. America's Great National Pastime (3:58)
4. Chimes Of Freedom (3:58)
5. Lost My Drivin' Wheel (5:56)
6. I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician (2:32)
7. My Back Pages - Baby What You Want Me To Do (6:12)
8. Black Mountain Rag (1:40)
9. Mr Tambourine Man (3:43)
10. Farther Along (3:03)
11. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms (2:33)
12. B.B. Class Road (2:34)
13. Mr Spaceman (2:55)
14. Tiffany Queen (2:22)
15. Chestnut Mare (4:49)


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I am familiar with the story of the borrowed instruments. Interested to hear what sort of sound they managed to produce.
Could you please restore this one.

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