Friday, July 24, 2009

Gene Parsons - Studio Demos 1984


Studio Demos 1984

Note :

a) tracks 1 to 5 are finished studio demos for Gene Parsons’ third studio album (that would never come out). Gene then met Meridian Green (Bob Gibson’s daughter); the tracks were re-recorded, remixed and released on the Parsons-Green BIRDS OF A FEATHER album in 1988.

b) track 3 is a new version of a Gene Parsons-Gib Guilbeau song that was first recorded and released by the 1975 lineup of The Flying Burrito Brothers (FLYING AGAIN).

c) tracks 6 & 7 are unreleased studio recordings. A concert version of track 6 appeared on Gene’s 2001 live album HOPE THEY’LL LET US IN.

d) track 8 was recorded in 1986 (unknown place).

1. You Don't Miss Your Water (4:17)
2. Swing Down (2:41)
3. Wind And Rain (4:02)
4. California Blues (3:29)
5. Lily's Hotbread (2:28)
6. Dark Moon (5:51)
7. Turquoise (4:18)
8. Willin' (3:16)


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